How to style your open plan living area so that it feels cosy

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Do you have an open plan living space or room that is so big it feels cold and disconnected with your lifestyle?  We all want our interiors to be friendly, inviting spaces that we just love to hang out in.  Today I thought I would give a few easy tips on how to make those big spaces of yours feel smaller.

Layer your space with furniture, furnishings and wow decorator pieces a well loved room is one that evolves over time and has many interesting layers too it.

Excellent example of a layered interior.

Excellent example of a layered interior.

Cushions and rugs - and a cat!

Cushions and rugs – and a cat!

Berlin Apartment Interior  Designer Peter Fehrentz.

Berlin Apartment Interior Designer Peter Fehrentz. Example of dark walls and flooring and addition of wow pink cabinetry and art introduce some wow factor to this room.

Image: House to home

Image: House to home

Image: Morgan Virginia

Image: Morgan Virginia Note: Extra nook at the end of the room, near the indoor plants.

Add some floor rugs, they are perfect for creating the foundation for little nooks/rooms within rooms.  Not to mention they are the beginnings of creating a cosy ambiance for your open plan living space.  Sit your lounge and occasional chairs on a nice big rug along with your coffee table.  Complete the look with lots of cushions, textured throws, floor lamps and candles.

Colour colour colour, in larger rooms you can be bolder with colour.  Choose warm tones, half strength painted walls will add some intrigue and interest.  Hang some large scale art, find pieces that you love and can’t live without, group them together for maximum impact.

Large comfy lounges and chairs are a must and they add that instant casual feel to a large room.  Due to your abundant floor space consider creating a few nooks where you can sit and read, have a coffee with a friend that is away from the central living area.  Also move your lounges away from your walls, don’t be afraid to have some perimeter space around your room.

Time for a coffee?  Go and sit in your open plan living space and begin dreaming of how you can turn it into an inviting haven.



Image: Houzz

Image: Houzz



Get yourself some Radiant Orchid

Interior Design and Decorator Tips


Radiant Orchid has been named Pantone’s Colour of 2014.  I think this is a fabulous, vibrant, fun yet captivating colour that can definitely be introduced to our interiors.  Lets explore some ways to do this.

  1. Use Radiant Orchid for upholstery on your accent chairs and for scatter cushions.
  2. Yellow or Gold compliments Radiant Orchid but don’t over do it.  Less is more.
  3. Radiant Orchid walls in the right room could work a treat.  
  4. Not wanting to change your whole interior? Buy some radiant orchid toned flowers to bring your room up to date.
  5. Play with the varying tones of Radiant Orchid, along with the shades and tints surrounding it using them for for a variety of elements in your room.  This will add depth and interest.
  6. Pair Radiant Orchid with white if you are wanting a subtler look, grey/brown for drama and yellow for a bold effect.
  7. Finally add some quirk to your room (i.e. an animal coffee table perhaps?) to make it more eye catching and memory making.

I’d love to hear how you use Radiant Orchid, feel free to comment below.

Below are some more ideas of ways to use Radiant Orchid in your home:


Living Room – Spring Makeover, 6 easy steps

Interior Design and Decorator Tips

I love spring.  Over the weekend we went on a little road trip out west to see our family and it was so beautiful driving through the lush green country side seeing fields of canola, cute lambs and foals playing in paddocks, wild daisy’s growing by the side of the road, the sun was shining and there was such a breath of new life in the air.

I thought I would write todays post about a few simple changes you can make that will help bring that spring vibe that we all love into our homes.  You will see from the above moodboards the  difference a few changes can make.  Note the furniture remains the same, this is to illustrate how easy it is to tweak your living room to create a new look.

Here are my top 6 tips on how to style a new spring inspired living room.

1.  Flowers – go outside and pick some beautiful spring flowers and feature them in your living room, front and centre on the coffee table for all to see and enjoy.

2.  Scatter cushions – store away your winter wools, and warm toned cushions and hit the shops to buy some new cotton, light weight fabric and brightly coloured spring ones.  Let nature inspire your design and colour selections.

3.  Rugs – roll up and store that heavy wool brown toned rug and replace it with a nice blue/green cotton one, it will give your room an instant freshen up.

4.  Paint job – get your paint brush out and paint your walls (or even just 1) a nice fresh clear spring tone as pictured.

5.  Art – bring out your brighter art and feature it.

6.  Decorator pieces – store away any warm toned decorator pieces and use white, bright pastel toned artefacts that you love instead.  I have added a quirky Abigail Ahern rabbit lamp to my spring room, it’s good to be unpredictible and add some quirkiness to rooms.   I have also removed the old vintage box and added a rustic screen and ceramic stool instead.

I hope I have inspired you to bring some spring goodness to your living room.

Enjoy the sunshine and happy decorating!  Prue