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About My Decorator

My Decorator has been serving the Hills District and North Shore of Sydney for the past 17 years. We have served over 200 happy clients. 

Our clients often tell us that they feel relief when working with us as they no longer have the weight of designing and decorating their home on them, nor the financial pressure that comes from making wrong decisions that lead to a far from desired outcome.

Although creating a dream home is an investment, like anything that brings a huge improvement to the way we live, it’s not that we ask ‘why did we invest’ but ‘why didn’t we invest sooner’. We hope you choose us to partner with you and guide you through the process of creating your dream home.

Interior Designer Sydney My Decorator

Prue Ram



Prue Ram

“I believe interior spaces should look beautiful and improve the way a home functions. A well designed home should make your heart smile”


I love to create homes that capture my clients personal look and serve their chosen lifestyle. Taking the burden of the design process of my client and instead making the process an easier more enjoyable one.


I’ve helped many of my clients see their dreams for their home and how they function in it come to life.

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