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12 Ways Your Home’s Interior is Outdated, and Easy Fixes

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Sometimes we aren’t aware of how outdated our homes become over time. I don’t know about you but every year is speeding past like it is just one day so it’s very easy to find yourself unaware of the changes that have been happening in the interiors of homes and what is classified as current. I just wanted to share some ideas and thoughts, in case you wanted to familiarise yourself with some new possibilities for change.

Is Your Home Serving or Hindering You?

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I remember around 12 years ago going out to see a new client who was interested in updating her lounge room. She had a more formal traditional style large lounge room with a beautiful leather chesterfield and 2 matching leather wingback chairs, a beautifully carved ornate coffee table, and a chandelier that in any other space would have been ridiculously ostentatious but in this home with its lovely high ceilings and large scale really complimented it. During the consultation, I asked her to tell me about her lifestyle and how they used the space. She told me they used the room each night. I then asked her where she and her family sat, she told me that she sat on the floor crossed-legged with her back leaning against the chesterfield as she didn’t find any of the chairs comfortable to sit in at all.

This is a perfect example of a room not serving all its owners.

Feeling Overwhelmed? We Have 15 Reasons Why You Should Hire My Decorator

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A common misnomer is that Interior Designers impose their views, tastes and opinions on you and you get no say. A misnomer is we enter your home in a flurry of colour, in our designer clothes and heels, and just take over. Leaving you with a stylish yet highly unpractical home that you feel no connection too.

I’m not sure where this portrayal has come from but I know that it drives so many designers completely mad as it’s simply not true.

I could go on about other misnomers about our industry and work from grossly exceeding the budget to unrealistic designs but instead, I’d like to share some of the things you’ll benefit from when you work with us here at My Decorator.

5 Easy Ways to Style a Bookshelf or Display Unit

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We all have bookshelves and display units in our homes that no doubt function well, but do they look good? Is it possible for such a piece of furniture to look good and function well? I give a big resounding absolutely, yes! Shelving units can not only function well but can also look amazing when they are thoughtfully styled and curated to house your treasured items, book collection, art or family photos, decor items, nik naks collected during travels or passed down to you from loved ones. I’m not sure about you but I see bookshelves or any flat furniture surface as a perfect opportunity to create updates that then freshen up my home giving a whole new look.

How to Successfully Use the Pantone Colour of 2022 in Your Home

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Drum roll, please……. The Pantone colour of 2022 is Pantone 17-3938 Very Peri.

Very Peri is a blue with a red-violet undertone. We know from a colour psychology perspective that blues emote feelings of rest, tranquillity and calm. I wonder if this colour was chosen for this reason. An opportunity to speak positive calm over what we hope will be a better year than the 2021 that we have just come through.