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Would you like to design your dream home but don’t know where to begin? Our Guide can help.

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Designing your dream home can be time consuming, overwhelming, and confusing.  We are here to help take this pressure of you so that the process becomes simplified and enjoyable.  We want to create the dream home that you and your family love coming home to and that family and friends enjoy visiting.


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Our Interior Design Consultation is a starting place to begin the design process where we get to know you, your home and the realised or non realised dreams you have for it. We can then offer advice and ideas for you to implement yourself, or you can continue onto one of our Design Package services.

Colour Consultation

The Colour Consult results in a complete Colour Palette Solution for your homes interior and exterior. The interior colour scheme for wall colour. The exterior colour scheme for all surfaces and trims. This complete Colour Palette Solution will create a harmonious look for your home and also make your selection process easier for the individual items that make it up as a whole.

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Design Packages

We offer both a standard and premium design package that features our Design Process that we use to ensure you get the finished result you want, meaning all that is left for you, your family and friends to do is enjoy your home.

Building or Renovating

We can provide professional advice during the 'Colour Selection' stage of building, making an often daunting task pleasantly achievable. We have assisted builders, owner-builders, those renovating or those who have a builder with selections. We will work with you to determine the look you are wanting your finished home to be and then guide you accordingly with selection decisions.

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**Ask about how we can use sustainable and health promoting products for your home.

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