How to plan the layout of your kitchen

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Planning your Kitchen

Do you love your kitchen?  Should you love your kitchen?  We think so.  It’s one of the most used rooms in any given home.  It’s often referred to as the heart of the home.  It’s where we prepare our tasty gourmet delights, or a quick feed while we are on the run.  A well-designed kitchen can save you time, save your legs, your back and even your wallet.

We thought we would go through what makes good kitchen design.

Here are some important considerations:

It’s important that the kitchen ties in well with the other living areas of your home.

Kitchen layout needs to be a very well thought out process, that occurs prior to design and colour choices. Design an efficient layout around the users and the tasks that they do on a daily basis – list your favourite and most cooked meals to work out what appliances you need. Choose appliances for how you use them over how they look.

Denis’ Apartment


Denis is a business owner who consults from home and wanted to create a friendly yet professional welcome to his apartment.

Below are samples of the digital moodboards that I put together for Denis that showed him the look that he could achieve and gave him information of which store he could purchase each item from, based on his provided budget. Denis choose to implement the job at his own pace and time and used the My Decorator digital moodboards as his guide.  You will see from the after photos also pictured below the final result of his newly decorated apartment.

Based on Denis’ brief I chose a blue palette, introduced elements from the beach, kept furniture light in wood tones and added some pattern and texture into his apartment with art, decorator items and furnishings.  He now has a space where he can work and relax in.

Lounge Digital Moodboard

Lounge Digital Moodboard

Lounge - Before and Afters

Lounge – Before and Afters

Denis requested his dining room to be “Lesehan” which is an Indonesian casual style of dining.  Its a very homely way to dine and brings people closer together.  It’s also widely common in Restaurants.

I choose a black and grey striped rug to anchor the dining room and used Denis’ own coffee table as the dining table.  Large bold stripe black, white, grey and yellow striped floor cushions were placed around the table.  The addition of a fun clock, some art and a bright yellow bowl meets all the requirements of Denis’ brief for a Lesehan dining room.  He has used the space on various occasions and is very happy with it.

Dining Digital Moodboard

Dining Digital Moodboard

Dining - Before and Afters

Dining – Before and Afters

Balcony Digital Moodboard

Balcony Digital Moodboard

Balcony - Before and Afters

Balcony – Before and Afters

Sydney Fashion Week 2013 & what’s in store for Interiors

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Sydney Fashion Week was held in April 2013 and showcased the fabulous new fashion trends that we are not only going to see on fashionista’s but also in our Interiors. See this you tube clip for an overview.  I find that fashion always leads the way and influences what will be happening in Interior trends by about 2 years.

Fashion designers that showed their new ranges at Sydney Fashion Week 2013 were Aurelio Costarella, Whitney Eve, Toni Maticevski, Collette Dinnigan, Blesse’d are the meek, Carl Kapp, An ode to no one, Nana Judy, Akira and more.

Trends that are coming to your wardrobe and our interiors are:  Metallics; Brights in aquas, red violets, pinks, oranges; Warm based neutrals in varying tones of beige; 1920’s art inspired wasabi green, bisque, tapioca, chartreuse and still some remnants of greys.

So how is this going to translate into interiors?  I think interiors will steer away from the grey colourings with the steel metals to warm metallics like golds and warm based neutrals along with murky muted 1920 colours through to the brights that we have been seeing in fashion for the last year.  Interiors may also see the vintage and pastels theme continue.  Maybe the below mood board will give you a feel for what I predict we will see in our interiors in the next one to two years here in Australia.  What are your thoughts, would love to see your comments below.


Happy New Year


Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone, may your 2013 be all that you could hope for or imagine!!

I’m planning on doing some room make overs this year so stay tuned…. I’ve already started on the home front by adding a reflection corner by way of a big comfy bean bag and my favourite throw on the floor to the corner of my home office.  It’s nice to have a little nook.

I love January’s it’s always a fantastic time to do a clear out, de clutter and begin the year on a good note. Oh and lets not forget January is also full of days at the beach, spending time with friends and family, going on holidays, eating ice-cream, you get the drift.

Enjoy the sunshine!!


Beach Inspiration

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My husband and I recently went on a weekend retreat to Hyams Beach, it was really lovely to get away for a break where we could soak up the sun, surf and well the amazingly white sand of Hyams….. striking!

On our last day we explored the nearby national park and did some fishing, bush walking and swimming along with dolphin and shark viewing.

Below I have included some photo’s of what we discovered along with a concept board for a living area that was inspired by our lil beach jaunt.

Hope you enjoy the pics, if you would like to work with My Decorator on a room you have that you want to freshen up we would love to hear from you.

Just call 0439 081 072 and we can discuss a course of action!!  Talk soon.

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