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Who says your offices need to be bland?  Definitely not me.  Being a creative I want my office to be a place that inspires my creativity, a space that I visually love and a space that works for me and my working needs so that I can be as productive as possible.

I’ve worked with a number of clients who have called me in to help them design well-functioning and visually pleasing office space’s and they’ve always loved the end result.

I’d love to share my design strategy with YOU so you too can create some wow in your office as well.

Step 1.  Assess:  Step back, look at your space

Eclectic Lounge Room

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Before and After images

Before and After images

Digital Moodboard created by My Decorator showing recommendations to client.

Digital Moodboard created by My Decorator showing recommendations to client.

My Decorator recently designed the Lounge Room for a client who wanted a new look for their small lounge area.  The addition of new light grey fabric upholstered lounges, a quality wool floor rug, scatter cushions, framed photo that the client had taken on a holiday to France and some other personal artefacts lead to a happy client and an individual eclectically designed living room that champions contemporary, soft industrial and asian influenced design.  

Happy New Year


Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone, may your 2013 be all that you could hope for or imagine!!

I’m planning on doing some room make overs this year so stay tuned…. I’ve already started on the home front by adding a reflection corner by way of a big comfy bean bag and my favourite throw on the floor to the corner of my home office.  It’s nice to have a little nook.

I love January’s it’s always a fantastic time to do a clear out, de clutter and begin the year on a good note. Oh and lets not forget January is also full of days at the beach, spending time with friends and family, going on holidays, eating ice-cream, you get the drift.

Enjoy the sunshine!!