How to visually improve your office

My Decorator Corporate, Office Styling

Have you ever worked in an office that is bland and uninviting to you, other staff and visitors alike?

We all have.  Today I wanted to chat about what are some easy improvements that can be made to office spaces that will make them more inviting to all users and still align with the company brand and image and be professional all at the same time.

Firstly start with a good office space design and layout. This is important in creating a sound working environment.  Be sure that you have enough breathing space around furniture and in walkways, I know this is common sense but it does make a big difference.  A professionally planned out and designed workplace will not only help with how you work but productivity too.

Consider your company’s brand in your office design and styling.  Be sure the finished look of your office matches what you are projecting to the marketplace as a company. You don’t want clients walking in to your office expecting to meet a helpful, friendly team only to be welcomed by a cold, non styled waiting room as their first impression.

Introduce some visual interest and decorator pieces for staff and visitors to appreciate like art, sculptures, indoor plants. It’s always nice to have a piece of art to look at when resting your eyes from constant computer viewing, or when walking through a corridor to the break out room, or as a new visitor first walking into the company foyer, reception or waiting room.  It’s important that this art is carefully curated for the purpose of your office so that it adds to your brand, not subtracts from it.

Some other considerations are lighting, temperature and sound.  If either of these aren’t at a comfortable level then staff productivity will be impacted.

Finally, take a look at your office through the eyes of a visitor. Sometimes we become too familiar with our work environments and could be missing out on many opportunities and increased sales due to not making a few simple updates that ensures what our office is saying to the world is matching what our marketing is saying.

If you are needing assistance with the styling of your office we offer Office Styling as a service.  Just call us for more information:  0439 081 072