How to Lifestyle Proof your Home

Interior Design and Decorator Tips

Have you ever stopped to think about how the various rooms in your home are serving you? Are they helping or hindering how you live? Do you find yourself working harder to

maintain your home and the things in it then you maybe need too? Are you craving more time to enjoy life with your family? Are you finding your home looks bland and boring? What about when you have guests visit does your home easily cater for them with enough comfy seating, dinner and glassware, and space in general for how you choose to entertain?

Let’s chat about what we can do to get your space working the best it can to suit your lifestyle and look stunning too.

1. Start with the end in mind. If you know the final outcome it’s so much easier to achieve your goal. How do you want to live? So take the time to sit down, with a piece of paper and describe your ideal day living in your home. Let’s do some limit free dreaming here. How do you want to spend your morning? What are you eating for breakfast? Is it easy to reach? Do you have a morning coffee, is this in easy reach? Is emptying the dishwasher easy, are shelves and drawers for your most used items near it? Are your glasses near your fridge or are you walking a long way just to get a drink? Is your ensuite working well for you, do you put your make up on in the bathroom and have to wait for your partner to get out of the shower meaning it’s slowing your morning routine? Is your wardrobe over filled or do you have ample space to see possible outfit choices? Write about your dream wardrobe. Do you like to put your feet up when you finally sit down at night to watch tv or read but have nowhere to put them up? Is your lounge comfortable or do you find yourself sitting on the floor infront of it instead? Are your surfaces and fabrics easy to clean and maintain? Are you finding your home is to dark during the day or too bright? Do you wish you had a moodier feel in your space at night to help you wind down or do you lack adequate task lighting over your bench tops or when reading or crafting? Do you have a hobby that you can’t easily do due to lack of space or inadequate tools, storage, etc…. why not dream about if you had the space how you would set this up? While you are doing this dreaming you are purely doing just that. You aren’t problem solving, you aren’t limiting yourself with reality of how your space is now and it’s impossibilities. You’re dreaming! You’re describing your ideal day. Go ahead and describe your ideal entertaining scenario too? How many guests you have over, what you eat, where do you dine? Where do you lounge? What do you drink? What time of day is it? What’s the mood and atmosphere like? What music do you have playing?

Design and Image: My Decorator

2. Plan. Okay, now that you’ve done some dreaming let’s work on making these dreams reality. I want you now to look deep into these dreams and look at the core function of each of them. For instance, you want a wardrobe that allows you to see what you have and allows you to put outfits together easier. Then look at the reality. Your wardrobe is very full and it’s hard to see anything. Now make a plan on how to bring your dream to life. One way would be to find more space for your clothes. One would be to Declutter. One would be to drill down and determine your dress style and Declutter the items that aren’t really ‘you’ leaving you with a well curated wardrobe that has plenty of air space so you can easily see what you have and dressing each morning doesn’t feel as stressful. Also look at how you have your items stored, hung and folded and research better ways to create a more functioning robe too. It’s then a matter of maintaining this lifestyle change long term so as your robe works for you not the other way around. The same can work for your dream hobby space, how can you make this a reality? Can you store all the items in some large stylish storage containers that sit neatly under the spare bed and then pull this out and set it up on a fold up table in your family room or spare room and fold down when finished? How about your kitchen. Could you Re think what you have in each drawer and cupboard and move them to better functioning homes based on their regular usage matching the ease of access? Are you sick of the kids moving to the far end of the kitchen to get a glass while you are cooking when a simple cupboard shuffle will make your life so much easier. Do you need to buy some extra chairs for when guests come or move other chairs from different areas of the home to cater? Rather then juggling with cd’s could you sign up to Spotify and buy a sound bar to provide your choice of music and make for easier higher quality listening without the need of having more tech in your home? Can your everyday dinnerware and glassware be stylish enough for guests too. Why can’t we all enjoy lovely quality designer items everyday rather then just when guests come over. This will save space in your kitchen and improve your life too. Look at your furniture layout, move it around and try some new things then live with it for a few weeks before deciding whether it works or not. You can move it back. A new improved better functioning lifestyle may just be on the other side of this furniture move! Embrace change.

Design and Image: My Decorator

3. Implement. It’s time to take action. Let’s do this! Make the changes and live with them for a few weeks and then assess. Tweak until you are happy with your new lifestyle friendly home that is realizing your dreams!

Design and Image: My Decorator

4. Things to consider on this journey. When it comes to a well functioning and stylish home I think it’s good to remember it is a journey, your home should evolve over time. It will change like we do. Our tastes change. We get older. Our children won’t stay toddlers for ever so make your decisions accordingly. If you are going to the expense of putting in some inbuilt joinery be sure it will meet your future selfs needs, a built in toy box won’t stay that in 3 years time. It needs to be able to easily transition into something that your kids will need as teenagers. Consider Re purposing existing pieces of furniture and moving them to different parts of the house. Sometimes we are so used to seeing them as the ‘toy box’ we don’t see them as ‘suitcase storage’ or an extension to our linen cupboards, or as a seat at our entry way. Also think about purchasing less frequently and more purposefully, consider quality over quantity, multi purposed furniture and items. Pieces that function well and look beautiful too meaning when they are out they look stylish in your home.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with your space and need some fresh eyes to assist you we offer face to face consults and also remote consults too. We’d love to assist you.