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How Your Home Can Be Decorated to Capture Christmas’ Most Precious Memories

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Now that the most wonderful season is upon us I just wanted to share a different approach to decorating your home for the Christmas holiday’s.

Firstly let me start by saying that Christmas is a time for celebration and decorating our homes should be part of this too and there is no real right or wrong way to decorating, instead it’s about creating a beautiful space that will hold the special times had and memories made over your Christmas season.

There are are multiple ways to decorate your home for Christmas, but I’d like to focus on the concept of decorating your home in a way that uses your homes existing interior style and colour palette and extend this across to your Christmas decor. Let’s look through how you can achieve this in your home.

  1. Look at your homes existing interior style, is it traditional, contemporary, minimalist, maximalist, boho, artisan, scandi, hamptons and choose your Christmas decor to match this style. For example if your home is traditional, you would choose a traditional pine Christmas tree and use a red and green colour palette, choose traditional tree ornaments and garlands (no tinsel here) for your tree. If your home is contemporary you may choose a minamilist style tree, with a select few ornaments repeated throughout your tree and no garlands as this would mean your tree would loose it’s sleek designer line. It’s all about your Christmas decor being a continuation of your homes interior design.
  2. Follow the colour palette that is already in your home, this will help create incredible visual harmony. Use no more then four colours to create cohesion. Consider using muted, or pastel colours rather then saturated primary colours for a mature interior look.
  3. Create vignettes and groupings of decor rather then random scatterings to bring greater visual impact.
  4. Move furniture. Think about how your home will be used over the Christmas season. Are you entertaining, is it during the day or at night, how many guests will be visiting? Decorate your home to suit your entertaining schedule, this may mean creating more seating opportunities in your family room, moving furniture around so that your Christmas tree will fit and feature. Last year I moved our dining setting to a front room of my home to allow our Christmas tree to feature in the meals area of our open plan family room.
  5. Move out your existing decorator pieces and bring in stylish, well colated Christmas decor to replace it so that Christmas becomes a feature.
  6. Don’t forget to add some Christmas decor to your bathrooms, kitchen and bedrooms too.

Lastly, Christmas is going to happen every year, so why not invest in quality timeless Christmas decor and build on this in the years to come. You can easily add new items that allow you to bring trends into your home but the key foundational pieces are carefully chosen to continue your homes existing style and elevate rather than cheapen your homes interior look. Consider vintage bells and a beautiful coloured ribbon that you could add each year to a fresh front door wreath; a beautiful hand crafted nativity scene; premium warm lit Christmas lighting; plain quality faux real touch garland draped over your mantlepiece; quality large scale designer decorator items; handmade stockings; artisan designed and made ornaments for your Christmas tree; linen table cloth and serviettes for the dining table with a mix of beautiful brass candlesticks for the centrepiece.

I hope these ideas inspire you to see your Christmas decorating in a new way as you take the time to enjoy creating the beautiful spaces in your home that will help facilitate and hold the memories for your Christmas season.

Wishing you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas 💫


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