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How to Decorate Your Home so it Feels Luxurious

Interior Design and Decorator Tips

We all want to enjoy the luxury that comes with the finer things in life, correct? I know I do. What if it were possible to have some of these luxuries in our home? What if we could not only have these luxuries in our home but enjoy them every single day? Below I’m going to share some simple ways that we can achieve a higher quality more premium lifestyle in our homes by taking into consideration our 5 senses, and the role that they play in how we use our homes.

We know that our 5 senses of vision, hearing, touch, smell and taste are often the doorways used to us experiencing life, and all the goodness that can come with it. Remember a time you enjoyed a delicious tasting meal while dining in a beautifully decorated restaurant that looked out on a peaceful landscape, all while listening to a pianist playing some soft tunes as you sat on a luxurious velvet upholstered dining chair as your partner softly held your hand, you pick up a wine in your other hand and took in the aroma of the soft scented candle that was flickering away on the dining table. This is a luxurious experience, that tapped into our 5 senses that no doubt lead to the creation of beautiful memories that you will remember forever.

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Let’s break down each of these 5 senses and discover how we can set up our homes so that we can experience a taste of luxury at home and enjoy our interior spaces to the fullest.

Vision – How does your space look, do you find it attractive? Consider colour scheme, coordinating pattern, shape, statement pieces that draw you into the space, lighting and furniture layout when designing and decorating your home so that you get the best looking interior space that you and your loved ones find attractive. Let’s not forget the lighting. Is your home well lit? Is it too bright of an evening creating a commercial looking space, rather then a soft warm lit welcoming interior that helps you unwind after a long day? Maybe turn off your overhead lighting and turn on your floor lamps and other mood lighting in the room instead.

Hearing – How are the acoustics, is it noisy due to too many hard surfaces? Maybe add floor rugs. Are the lounges too far apart meaning people can’t hear what you’re saying? Move them closer together. Does your stereo speakers need to be updated, or placed in different areas of your home so that you can enjoy your favourite music in a higher quality sound? Have you created some space in your day to stop, sit and listen to your favourite music?

Touch – Add texture with throw rugs, upholstery, floor rugs, art, individual interaction with an interior space can make it more personal and meaningful. After all we want our houses to feel like home, think about what elements of touch you can introduce that will help you and your loved ones feel apart of the experience.

Smell – Nobody likes an interior that smells poorly. Step back and think through how you would like your home to smell. Floral, spicy, oriental or it may even be reminiscent of a past holiday that captures tropical breezes, or rainforest freshness. Invest in some quality candles, room scents, or bathroom handwash that you can use to bring your own signature fragrance to your home, that it may even become known for.

Taste – We all love the taste of good food. Why not place value on this too by creating a good experience for our loved ones by taking the time to cook or source amazing tasting food, whilst entertaining in our spaces or dare I say why can’t we enjoy this on a day to day basis as well not just for special occasions. After all, it’s well known that food brings people together.

Take the time to think through each of these interactions and how you can elevate them. For instance, you may choose a stylish glass hand wash dispenser as opposed to a plastic one for your powder room or bathrooms. You may decide to use a table cloth and napkins when dining or pour your beverages into a lovely glass jugs instead of having bottles on the table. You may invest in smart lighting that automatically dims of an evening. These are examples of some of the small changes you can make in your home that will help you and your loved ones have that taste of luxury in your home every day. However, this needs to be tailored to suit your individual household’s lifestyle. You may decide rather than emulate a luxurious feeling home you want a relaxed casual one, so it’s then a matter of thinking through how you can have your home suit this vision.

At the end of the day we spend a lot of time in our homes. Why not take the time to tailor your home to suit your desired luxuries so that you can enjoy this lifestyle every day, not just on special occasions. After all, your worth it right?