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How to Create the Best Christmas Conversation Nooks

Christmas, Interior Design and Decorator Tips

Have you ever been at a party or gathering and found yourself seated in one spot and then moving closer to someone you’re conversing with, so you can hear them? This is because we like to feel close and to be heard and often in social settings noise is a common occurrence which makes hearing conversations harder.

Christmas and its lead-up is definitely a season for celebrating, so I just wanted to put together some easy tips you can implement so that your home becomes the perfect conduit to helping your celebration be a success!

  1. Know your numbers. Work out how many guests will be attending and gather the same and more number of chairs so that everyone has the opportunity to be seated.
  2. Re-position your furniture. Move your furniture so that it suits your event. If this means moving pieces of furniture that are blocking a walkway, do it. Create multiple chair groupings of 3 to 5 that are easily movable as needs. Place these in the areas where you intend your guests will congregate. Add small side tables in with these groupings as these will allow a place for users to pop their drinks etc… so that they are comfortable and can have their hands free for nibbles or eating their meal or for just talking.
  3. Think through sound and lighting. Consider the type of party or celebration you are having and adjust your lighting and sound to suit. For instance if it’s Christmas Day lunch and you are having 30 guests you may want a few rugs down on the floor to minimize the sound bouncing of your tiled floors. If you’re celebrating the New Year you may want to have your lights set to dimmer or coloured mode and create an upbeat party playlist to create a more festive party atmosphere.

However, you choose to celebrate this Christmas season, taking the time to create an atmosphere that welcomes your guests, helps them feel comfortable, and encourages them to join in the celebrations will go a long way to make lasting memories.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our clients for their custom this year and wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy and Safe New Year!

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