How to Decorate Your Home for Christmas

Christmas, Interior Design and Decorator Tips

We absolutely love this time of year! It’s a time where we celebrate the birth of Jesus (for those that are Christian) and exchange gifts or gather our loved ones around to feast on yummy food and enjoy our beautiful Australian warm sunny weather.

This months post is to help get you and your home Christmas ready. It’s usually around this time of year that we decorate our tree and home for the festive season and I wanted to take the time to share some of my decorating tips with you.

  1. Plan where your Christmas Tree will go. Take the time to look at the room or space you are planning to put your tree and move furniture around (or even out) to cater for your tree to comfortably feature.
  2. Allow plenty of time to put your tree up, be present in the moment, make it a beautiful family tradition or if it’s just you that puts it up grab your favourite drink, pop on some festive music and make an occasion of it.
  3. Create a good base by spreading out your branches so they look as lifelike as possible. If you have a fresh tree find the best side to display it and again move the branches so they are spread out as evenly as possible.
  4. Work out what theme you would like this year and gather your chosen decorations and lay them out on a table or on the floor so that you can clearly see what you have – keep your colour theme simple, of no more than 3 colours unless you are going for a bright theme.
  5. Pop your picks/sprays on your tree to fill in gaps and to create some depth of field for your tree.
  6. Next put your lights on, so that they are evenly positioned around your tree. Do a quick test to be sure the lights work before putting them on your tree to save yourself the heartache if they have blown (which can happen during storage).
  7. Put any garlands or tinsel on your tree, again spaced evenly and consider drapping them starting from the top and winding down and around the tree in a diagonal manner.
  8. Put your decorations on repeating the various styled ones around to evenly cover your branches.
  9. Now go back to your fairy lights and turn them so that each individual light is pointed toward a decoration and it, therefore ‘lights up’.Put your star or angel on the top of your tree. Feel free to create a support for it if needed.
  10. Sit your Christmas tree skirt on the base and pop some tissue paper underneath to give it volume.
  11. Decorate the rest of your home in your Christmas theme too. Keeping in mind odd number groupings are more impacting. An example of this would be decorating your mantlepiece with a garland, fairy lights and your Christmas stockings rather then putting a garland on your mantle piece; your stockings by the front door and fairy lights framing a window. Grouping them together will create a big wow.
  12. Door wreaths are a beautiful welcome to your home. You can purchase fresh wreaths that last many months already made or ready for you to decorate from just chat to Ruth or order online to get a beautiful fresh wreath for your home.

This year our theme is minimalist, natural with organic materials so I’ve got a beautiful simple canvas tree skirt with lovely rope tassel around it, white cotton lace and white ribbon as the garland for around the tree and then my decorations are simple organic in style with a white wicker woven star that sits on top. The tree is very minimalist in styling to what I usually do, I wanted a very paired back simple look this year which works in beautifully with our more natural organic style interior (blonde woods, white finishes, light grey upholstery and natural weave scatter cushions) in our home.

I’ve also extended our Christmas styling to not just the Christmas Tree but also by creating groupings of Christmas decorator items in various key areas of our home such as a nativity scene in our front lounge room, some fairy lights in our guest bathroom, fairy lights around our indoor plants etc… I’ve draped a gorgeous big garland above our kitchen cupboards and interwoven fairy lights through it, and also created other moments around our home with fairy lights and candles as we are often at home most evenings to enjoy the more subdued decorating that I’ve put together. We also tend to entertain more over Christmas and love having people over to celebrate.

What are your plans for your Christmas decorating this year? Do you choose a different theme each year or do the same?

If you are having Christmas at your place this year and are wanting to elevate your look we’d love to assist. We are still taking Interior Consult bookings so feel free to call us and book yours today.