How to Style Your Kitchen

Interior Design and Decorator Tips

During this new season, we are all navigating maybe you are self-isolating or just choosing to spend more time at home. Maybe it could be the perfect time to give your interior a refresh.

Today let’s look at your kitchen. How about you give it a mini-makeover by doing some simple styling.

Here are some tips:

1. Take everything off your benches and look at your kitchen with new eyes. Find some inspiration. Work out what colour palette you would like and what type of look you are going for. This will help create a cohesive style in your kitchen.

2. Only add items to your bench that you love. Do you love those canisters that you’ve had for the last 2 years? How about your kettle? Question everything and it’s purpose and look then if you need it give it a freshen up by way of a clean, and pop it on your bench but in a new spot or if you need it but want a different look pop the item away in an easily accessible spot.

3. Style with zones in mind. Consider creating a drink zone, where you make your cold and hot drinks. You may even want to place everything nicely on a tray, style it with a lovely teapot and silverware. Another zone could be a device charging zone where phones and tablets get charged, but you could arrange this in a neat manner. Think about what zones would benefit how you use your kitchen as a family.

4. Add in non-typical kitchen items for more interest such as plants, art, photos, candles, lamps, sculptural objects etc… the idea here is to think broader and look at how you can bring the look of your home into your kitchen as well.

5. Keep playing with items until you get the look you are after, move things, move them again, step back and look, until you get the look you want. Sometimes this can take days of small changes.

We love how beautifully styled this kitchen is by Amber from Amber Interiors, we hope it inspires you to create something just as gorgeous in yours.

Image: Tessa Neustadt Design: Amber Interiors
Image: Lucy Call Design: Studio Mcgee

Image: Lucy Call Design: Studio Mcgee