How to Choose and Style a Coffee Table

Interior Design and Decorator Tips, Styling

You’ve been decorating your lounge room and something just isn’t working, the space doesn’t feel right. You have your lounges, side tables, matching coffee table, lamps, rug, art, decorator accessories and even an indoor plant (that you’re managing to keep alive) but it all just looks bland the space lacks personality.

The matching coffee table could be something

to consider changing. Sometimes when everything is too matchy matchy it becomes bland and boring. So an easy change out is to find a different coffee table that brings in some contrast. Contrast brings some friction which then immediately makes spaces more memorable and interesting.

Look at your space and the shapes in it as this will help you determine what kind of coffee table to purchase. If your space is small then a glass top and or leggy rather then box chunky style will help keep the space open. If your room is large then you have more options, you can go boxy style or leggy. A good thing to be guided by is your lounge. If your lounge is low to the ground then a leggy coffee table will create variety where if your lounge is leggy then a boxier coffee table would work well. Choose a style that is within the same proportion as your lounges and other pieces of furniture so as your coffee table doesn’t become dwarfed by your lounge or lounge dwarfed by a ridiculously oversized coffee table.

If you have a lot of strong structural shapes in the room such as an angular square arm lounge etc…. and you want to create a more relaxed feel in your space then you could consider a round coffee table to add softness. If your lounge is cushy and soft looking then you could bring contrast with a square or rectangular coffee table.

The key is to not have everything in the room bland and boring but bring in a few select wow pieces that will create interest. You may have a plain lounge, floor lamp and rug and choose to bring in some wow factor with a vintage ornate coffee table, amazing bold abstract piece of art and some oversized bespoke textured linen cushions.

Styling is something that you don’t want to overlook so take the time to style your coffee table with a collated selection of decorator items be they coffee table books, plants or candles that are meaningful to you. These finishing touches can make the world of difference to any room.

Take the time to live in the room assess what is and isn’t working then change things around so they suit you and your lifestyle. Allow your space to evolve over time, build it layer by layer, tweak it to suit the seasons and enjoy the process.

If you are struggling with a room that just isn’t quite right, be it the look or layout or you can’t quite put your finger on why it’s not working we’d love to help. Investing in an interior design consult can save you the time and money of trying to work it out and mean that you can get on with living in and loving your space rather then spending weekends scouring stores trying to achieve it yourself. Just call or email us for a chat. We’d love to help.