How To Make Your Room Feel More Spacious

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I often have clients ask me how they can make their small spaces feel larger.  So I thought today I’d share a few easy changes you can make to any room to make it feel larger then it actually is.  Sometimes it’s all about deceiving and tricking the eye.

  1. Hang a large mirror in the room, as this will make a huge impact on opening up the space.
  2. Choose furniture that has a lot of air around it.  For example rather than choosing a bulky modular lounge that goes all the way to the ground with short legs, choose a 3 seater and 2 seater lounge that has plenty of air around it.
  3. Paint all walls the same colour and keep the colour light.  Having feature walls means the eye is jumping around the room not settling, therefore it will feel that the space is overly busy and crowded.
  4. Choose a floor rug that is similar in tone to your flooring with a subtle print that also tones with your existing flooring.
  5. Limit prints, and only choose prints that have a lot of white space to them.
  6. Choose light upholstery or leather for your lounges.  Lounges take up a lot of visual space in the overall scheme of the room so keeping these large items of furniture light in colour will keep the space overall light looking.
  7. Add lighting.  Floor and table lamps will illuminate the room making it feel that you don’t know where the walls start and end.
  8. Make sure the colour scheme of the room flows effortlessly through to the next room, this will immediately create the feeling of a larger space due to the continuity of colour and style.
  9. Choose window coverings that allow plenty of light and air into the room.
  10. Choose artwork that has plenty of white space in the subject matter and ensure that it is framed with light coloured frames.
  11. Choose light timber furniture as opposed to dark.
  12. Take the time to pair back the clutter that you have in the room, only have items in the space that you use and that you love.

It’s amazing how making the above changes to a small room can really transform the overall look and feel of a space making it feel bigger, light, spacious and airy.

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Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 4.04.46 pm

This rug choice is similar in tone to the carpet which helps the space feel larger.  Image: @myhomestyle89 via Instagram

Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 4.00.09 pm

Artwork with a lot of white space also helps a room feel visually larger.  Image: @dancutronaphoto and @sandow via Instagram.


The lounge, coffee table and side table in this image are all pieces that are leggie.  They don’t look bulky or cumbersome, hence keep this space visually open.   The mirror also reflects the angled ceiling also opening up the space and reflecting light around the room too. Image: @aspect11 via Instagram.

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