How Creativity Breeds Creativity

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“Oh, you’re so creative”.  I’ve been told this many a time throughout my life.  Have you?  Or is it the opposite for you, you wish you were creative and feel as though you missed out on the ‘creative’ gene at birth.

I think everyone has the ability to create. I believe creativity breeds creativity.  If you want to be creative, start creating, it will grow, keep creating because honestly, creativity breeds creativity.

Often it’s us, our mindsets that limit our creativity or determines if we believe ourselves to be creative or not.  Can I strongly encourage you to ignore that mindset, any old failings, or things that people said and create a new story for yourself.  There is a whole world of creativity for you to explore.

I’ve seen people that aren’t naturally creative, really grow in their creativity by just taking every little opportunity to apply creativity to their everyday world.  It may be that in the past they popped a gift they were giving in a gift bag but since choosing to be more creative have taken to hand wrapping the gift and finishing it with a bright happy ribbon and placing a fresh flower on top.  In the past, they may have served dinner up directly onto their guest’s plates when entertaining but now they place each cooked dish onto a pottery platter that they themselves have made (or hand chosen) and sit it on the dining table on top of a lovely handcrafted tablecloth  that has been decorated with candles etc… creating a beautiful dinner party atmosphere for their guests to enjoy.  Maybe they decide to craft a bespoke bag that they can use to carry their groceries (now that supermarkets are bagless) home from the shops in and every time they use it, it makes them smile.  Maybe they swap watching hours of TV to learning how to hand knit a scarf for winter.  Baking a birthday cake for a friend and decorating it rather than buying one.  Creativity breeds creativity.

The dictionary definition of creativity is – the use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness.

Have you ever created a meal without following a recipe? Written a lovely letter, card, poem or even song? Invented an easy way to do something to save you time? Made something? Sown, knitted or crocheted something? Sketched, painted or drafted? Decorated a room? Picked a flower? Built a business from the ground up?  Put together an Insta Story? Built a website? Taken photos?

All of the above are creative activities.  Now sure you may not be great at them the first time you do them, but who rarely is?  Things take time and practice.  If you have a desire to create, don’t put any pressure on yourself, take the time to learn the skill and develop it, you’ll get to a point where you can put you’re own original flavour to it but it won’t happen overnight, good things take time.  Give yourself grace.  Be present.  Enjoy it.

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Some friends and I got together a few weeks back to create.  We each brought along a creative project that we wanted to work on over an afternoon and all sat down, created, chatted, laughed, ate and had a fun time making.  We were all at different ability levels with what we were doing but truly enjoyed spending time together and exploring the realm of creativity.  There is no right or wrong in this realm.  The sooner you realise this, the more free you become.  It can be so liberating.

What’s something you’ve always wanted to create, but thought you couldn’t? That you weren’t talented enough, skilled enough or good enough to do it? Talent comes with practice, skill comes from learning and good enough?  Let me tell you, YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH!

Now……….Go forth and create!

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