How to plan the layout of your kitchen

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Planning your Kitchen

Do you love your kitchen?  Should you love your kitchen?  We think so.  It’s one of the most used rooms in any given home.  It’s often referred to as the heart of the home.  It’s where we prepare our tasty gourmet delights, or a quick feed while we are on the run.  A well-designed kitchen can save you time, save your legs, your back and even your wallet.

We thought we would go through what makes good kitchen design.

Here are some important considerations:

It’s important that the kitchen ties in well with the other living areas of your home.

Kitchen layout needs to be a very well thought out process, that occurs prior to design and colour choices. Design an efficient layout around the users and the tasks that they do on a daily basis – list your favourite and most cooked meals to work out what appliances you need. Choose appliances for how you use them over how they look.

Think about where you do your prep and if there will be enough space to do this in your new kitchen, is everything easily reachable? Sometimes moving your sink to an off centre position opens up more space opportunity.

Consider storage, how you empty your dishwasher are the cupboards where you put your everyday dishes, are they in close vicinity? Drawers are a better use of space than deep-set cupboards. Position cooking utensils and condiments in drawers close to where you cook. Group items with function, i.e. cups with your tea/coffee and kettle. Pantry/Fridge is it in a traffic zone as often people stand here working out what snack/drink they want. Storage plan for pantry. Think about your eating zones, some people eat standing in the kitchen, others in front of the fridge, in the meals area, lounge etc…

Consider lighting, do you have enough and will they meet the task lighting you will require of them.  Add pendant lighting over your bench and or dining table for a designer look, odd numbers are a good quantity.

As you can see there is a lot to consider when designing a kitchen and it is a space that can’t easily be changed (without great cost of course) once it’s installed.  Everyone in your household will use your kitchen every single day, you will use it every day and don’t you want to enjoy the space, be grateful for the well thought out design process that you went through that results in not only a good looking kitchen (which this post hasn’t covered on) but one that functions well too.

I can’t stress enough the importance of getting a professional in to assist you with the design process of your kitchen.  An interior designer will not only work with you to design such a kitchen but will ensure that it ties in with the visual aesthetic of the rest of your home so that it looks as though it has always been there.  That…. is great design!


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