Why Budget for Accessories?

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Styling is a key part of the Interior Design process, but what is styling and why do it?

Styling is the final step where we set up the room or home to look finished and complete ready for you to live in.  We move furniture into their best position, lay rugs, add lamps, ensure window coverings are draping or hung correctly, ensure indoor plants are in the ideal location, see that art is hung and finally we add decorator accessories such as coffee table books, sculptures, vases, bowls, trinkets, photos, candles and all the finishing touches that take the space from blah to wow!

If you want to get the best out of your Interior designer, be sure to follow the process all the way through to the end and budget for the decorator accesories.  You wouldn’t buy a car without the upholstery on the seats, the air conditioning or an interior light this is the same.  Without styling the room has furniture, yes, but there is so much more that is missing.  These pictures perfectly illustrate the benefits of styling.  Styling truly adds the heart and soul to a space or home.


Image credit: Kimberley Seldon Design Group



Image Credit: Kimberley Seldon Design Group

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