Do you have a plan for your room design?

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As an interior designer the number one piece of advice I would give anyone that is decorating their home interior is to have a plan for your room design.  A builder doesn’t just approach a block of land and start laying a random foundation and popping walls up wherever he feels like, no he closely follows floor plans and elevations that give him all the instructions of what was planned for the building so that the owners plans come to life.

A plan will keep you on the straight and narrow, will save you time, money and will help you achieve a more cohesive result.

I recommend you take the time to think through what interior style you like, colour scheme that you are drawn too, the pieces in your home that you love and question why you love them, what is currently working and what isn’t and why and well really drill down to what you need in your spaces room design.

When a client approaches me to work with them on their home decorating I always suggest that we start with a moodboard. I first glean a client brief from them where they tell me their likes and dislikes, how they are wanting to use their space and who will be using it and more, then I go from there to make recommendations by way of a moodboard of what type of furniture, rugs, lighting, plants, decorator accessories and more will work in their space based on what their brief is.  This moodboard becomes our guide when shopping or ordering the pieces. This in turn makes the decision making so much easier, especially when out shopping and being faced with a myriad of choice.

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A moodboard can be a collection of images of furniture that you like, colour swatches, photos of things that inspire you, all formulating a colour scheme and interior style that you propose for your spaces room design.  The My Decorator Moodboard is a little different to this in that it shows the finished look of the proposed room, floor plans showing furniture layout, samples of fabrics recommended all these things make implementation so much easier.

If you are stuck with a space that isn’t working, the room layout is hard to decipher, your struggling to determine your style or colour palette why don’t you invest in having an Interior Designer come and work with you, I think you will find their years of experience and knowledge invaluable in helping you get the absolute best outcome for your room.  Call us, for a chat maybe we can help!

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