Feeling Overwhelmed? We Have 15 Reasons Why You Should Hire My Decorator

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A common misnomer is that Interior Designers impose their views, tastes and opinions on you and you get no say. A misnomer is we enter your home in a flurry of colour, in our designer clothes and heels, and just take over. Leaving you with a stylish yet highly unpractical home that you feel no connection too.

I’m not sure where this portrayal has come from but I know that it drives so many designers completely mad as it’s simply not true.

I could go on about other misnomers about our industry and work from grossly exceeding the budget to unrealistic designs but instead, I’d like to share some of the things you’ll benefit from when you work with us here at My Decorator.

Interior Designer Sydney Colour

The Day I Discovered I Couldn’t Handle Anymore Colour!

Our Story

I never quite understood the full impact that colour had on me until I experienced the loss of a loved one a few years ago. I remember not wanting to see or even wear bright colours. Colour was just too overwhelming for me to take in and I felt as though the colour itself was somehow draining what little energy I had left in me, out of me.

Don’t Abandon Your Interior Design Project because of Lockdown

Interior Design and Decorator Tips

I know, I just used one of the most unpopular words of 2020 – 2021. Lockdown. But….. I assure you I’m only going to use that word a few more times throughout this post. I promise. I also am going to endeavor to reframe this whole situation for you. I know a lot of you had big dreams to see the interior of your home transformed into your dream homes this year. Keep reading I have a plan that can still help you see that begin to happen.

Vivid Sydney – Inspired Interior by My Decorator

MD Meanderings

Proposed foyer design for Performing Arts Co.

A few Friday nights ago we went into the city to take in the amazing atmosphere at Vivid Sydney 2013. We enjoyed dinner and drinks first at the Opera Bar and then wandered around Circular Quay and The Rocks to see all the different visual light displays.

I couldn’t help but let my designer mind go to thinking how some of the amazing images that were projected onto the Opera House could be used in Interior spaces. So to capture this creative thinking I have put together a 3D image for an Old Warehouse of a Performing Arts Company that shows what some Vivid could look like in a Commercial setting (pictured above). The proposed foyer would have a huge artwork image of the opera house (vivid a fied) hanging in the foyer with some quirky performing arts bowler hats as pendants and tan leather barcelona chairs to create a warm friendly welcome to any visitors.

I hope you had the opportunity to go and see Vivid Sydney 2013, if you didn’t have a look at the slideshow I put together of some of the photos we took. I would also love to read your thoughts and experiences of Vivid Sydney 2013 so feel free to comment below.

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