How to decorate a Living Room with Hygge

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I wanted to cover the topic of Hygge this month so invited Hygge expert and Interior Designer Sherri Smith from Sherri Smith Interiors who lives on the sunny, Sunshine Coast in Queensland to cover this beautiful topic for us.  So go grab yourself a warm drink and a comfy spot on your lounge and let’s launch into what fabulous tips Sherri’s going to impart with us.


Hi There Everyone,

Have you heard of the new decorating style Hygge? It has hit the headlines in recent times

Lighting design – Which type do you use for your homes interior?

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Lighting design plays a very important part of a rooms look and for that reason I thought I would go through some of the key things to consider when selecting your lighting. I am by no means a lighting technician  so this post doesn’t cover the technical elements of lighting and the angles of it, in relation to user’s specific needs but hopefully you will gain some basic understanding of what to look out for and then team up with a lighting technician for the finer points.