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12 Ways Your Home’s Interior is Outdated, and Easy Fixes

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Sometimes we aren’t aware of how outdated our homes become over time. I don’t know about you but every year is speeding past like it is just one day so it’s very easy to find yourself unaware of the changes that have been happening in the interiors of homes and what is classified as current. I just wanted to share some ideas and thoughts, in case you wanted to familiarise yourself with some new possibilities for change.

  1. Matching Furniture Sets.  Choosing a lounge and matching armchairs or dining table and matching chairs. This is dating your home.  Instead, carefully select different furniture items that work harmoniously together.

2. Using a Saturated Colour Palette. Choosing bright primary colours for large surfaces of your home. Instead, opt for neutrals with pops of muted mature colours to bring a more contemporary and elevated look. A neutral colour palette will also be easier to live with and quickly updatable too. 

3. Old Curtain Styles. Pelmets, Swags and Tails, Austrians, Lace, Verticals, loud colourful print Curtains, short Curtains are instant time warps back to the 90s. There is so many new window covering options available now for you to consider.  Invest instead in custom window treatments in a timeless style, this will add value to your home for many years to come.

4. Different Coloured Rooms. Having a blue lounge room, a red dining room, a yellow kitchen and a pink bedroom is dating your home and also making it feel smaller than it is. Instead, select one wall colour and continue this through your home. You can opt to vary the strength of colour in different rooms, this will create a lovely cohesive stylish feel throughout your home as a whole.

5. Farmhouse Style. This look is now dated, unless you of course live in a farmhouse. Rustic signs, old farmhouse wares, hanging quilts, crochet blankets etc… if your whole home is decorated and furnished in farmhouse it’s time to edit and swap out some key furniture items for more contemporary pieces.  

6. Trending Prints. Chevron was a print that was popular a few years back. Take the time to go through your home and swap out items that have this print on it for a textured plain in a natural fibre such as linen, cotton, or wool for a more current look. 

7. Old Family Photos. Change out your old family photos for more recent ones that you have had professionally done. Put your professional photos in new photo frames too. This is an easy instant home update. 

8. Timber trim. Yes, that’s right a simple change to white will instantly update your home meaning all your doors and window frames will match your walls rather than stand out. 

9. Exposed Tv Cords. Ideally feeding these behind your wall or using a cord tidier will instantly streamline this area of your home. 

10. Flush Mount Frosted Ceiling Lights. These can be found in almost every rental property across Australia, right! If you have the opportunity to change these out to a more contemporary fitting or better still downlights make the change.

11. Feature Walls.  Especially where it’s a colour that is in isolation from anything else in your room or even home. Feature walls tend to come in and out of fashion. If you don’t intend on keeping up with the trend changes maybe opt not to have them. If you would like to keep up be sure to bring the feature wall colour into your home with accents be it in a rug, cushion, quilt, accessories etc.. to avoid it looking like an afterthought.

12. Clutter. Remove excess clutter from your home which will make it look more minimalist and instantly up to date. 

We hope you found these tips helpful, feel free to comment below with any we may have missed.

Happy Decorating!


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