Don’t Abandon Your Interior Design Project because of Lockdown

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I know, I just used one of the most unpopular words of 2020 – 2021. Lockdown. But….. I assure you I’m only going to use that word a few more times throughout this post. I promise. I also am going to endeavor to reframe this whole situation for you. I know a lot of you had big dreams to see the interior of your home transformed into your dream homes this year. Keep reading I have a plan that can still help you see that begin to happen.

Recently I read in an article* that one way through lockdown is to learn something new, do a spring clean, write a bucket list, write a novel, practice nail art, and so on with the idea being that at the end of lockdown you have something you can look back on that you achieved. One of the things also listed, that caught my attention was to create a moodboard. Now I know that moodboards can be used for casting vision, or capturing ideas, or to hold encouraging quotes and the like. Today I’d like you to think of a moodboard as an interior design tool that can be used to help you see your dreams for your home come to life.

How does an Interior Design Moodboard work?

I use Moodboards for my clients all the time. A moodboard is like the image on the front of a puzzle box that shows us what the finished puzzle can look like. When you work on the puzzle you always consult back to the finished picture to make sure you are putting the pieces together correctly. A moodboard is the same. Time is taken to determine the rooms colour scheme, interior style, function, layout, mood and more and then this is clearly illustrated on the moodboard. This moodboard is then used and closely followed when physically purchasing items, placing items in the room, matching colours, choosing the right size rug, piece of furniture and so on. A moodboard is your plan.

What do I put in my Moodboard?

Create a moodboard that has all the answers that you will need for when you are implementing your plan. For example, you may be at the furniture store purchasing your chosen lounge, be sure that you have the floor plan of your room so you can double check this sizing against the lounge size (double-checking it will fit through your doorways too), you can also check the colour matches the colour in your moodboard, finalise the leg finish and colour, select your cushions to match and so on. Having these answers will save you a lot of time in the long run.

Include the following in your moodboard:

  • A final picture of the overall style that you want your interior to look like – visit here for our style guide that can help.
  • Your Colour Scheme (choose no more than 4 colours)
  • A floorplan of your room showing furniture layout
  • Images of your chosen items of furniture, soft furnishing, flooring, lighting, decor items etc…
  • Costings/Budget

Your moodboard can be a big notebook, a word document, a posterboard just be sure that it’s easy for you to navigate and gives you the opportunity to clearly capture the finished look and vision that you are working toward. It’s important that your vision board isn’t just a big mass of ideas, this is okay to capture at the beginning but you then need to edit through the ideas until you have the final look. The key is being able to clearly capture the final look of your interior and support this with only the pieces that make up that look and then the documentation such as floor plans etc.. to assist the outworking of that look.

How does this relate to lockdown?

At the moment some of us may have a little more time on our hands than normal. If this is the case for you and you are planning on either designing the interior of your home yourself or working with an Interior Designer it’s definitely a good opportunity to start thinking about how you would like your space to look and function. You could use this time to gather some images together, look at our style guide to determine what Interior Style could work for you and your family and put this into your moodboard. Your moodboard will become an incredibly valuable tool to assist you to see your interior design dreams come to life faster and more cohesively once lockdown is over. We all know what happens when you attempt to do a puzzle without seeing the image first, it takes forever!

Let’s not let this lockdown hold us back, but rather use the time to come up with a well-thought-out plan that you can then implement once we are free to do so.

Currently, we are offering Remote Interior Design Consults so are happy to assist you with seeing the dreams you have for your home’s interior come to life. Please contact us to chat about how we can help: 0439 081 072

** June Issue, Hello Magazine – Health and Fitness article by Megan Bull