What Story Does Your Home Interior Tell?

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Ohhh I can hear the reactions already to that headline. Story? “Ha…. let me tell you about the interior of my home, there are toys everywhere, dishes in the sink, the washing needs to be hung out and I need to find something to cook for dinner”. “I haven’t got cushions for the lounge, let alone matching ones and our furniture is soooo old, I would love a new modular lounge but don’t go there, I don’t have time or any idea and it’s just too hard”. Does that sound familiar? Maybe you scroll through Instagram and see everyone’s perfect lives and homes and desire that to be you but just think it’s too hard.

Is there a happy medium? Could your home be a space where it’s a relaxed haven (yes, even with the kids) where when you arrive home from work each day it not only looks good but also functions in a way that suits your family? There’s no major striving or working harder than you need to, it all just flows and there’s a harmony too it.

Don’t worry, I’m not going woo woo, I just wonder are we all working harder than we need too?

What if you were to arrive home everyday and the living areas were tidy, the kitchen benches were clear ready for you to start dinner and your bedroom was a beautiful haven to go to each night?

I don’t know about you but I think the major culprit to this picture in my house is mainly just everyone not putting things away. If household members were to spend the last 5minutes at the end of the day popping things back where they belonged it would make for a more harmonious, flowing home. Could that be the same at your place too?

Of course, not everyone has the same drive and passion for creating that continual harmony so reminders happen.

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Another factor that could be limiting harmony and a good story is that your interior isn’t working for you and your family. Do you find your dining table is piled up with your work because you work from home and this is the best place to run your business from? This means each night as a family you are dining in front of the tv which is something you vowed long ago would never happen. Meanwhile, your spare room is a junk room. Could IT become the perfect home office? How about your kitchen, is your bench overflowing with letters, school correspondence, bills etc…. or small appliances that you haven’t used forever all taking up much-needed space for food preparation each night making you hate cooking and hate your kitchen?

Sometimes I think we get used to our living spaces. We don’t always take the time to step back and assess what is and isn’t working.

So, what story is your home telling and how does that differ from what you want it to tell. Is there a gap? If there is a gap let’s look at some practical steps you can do today to see this change.

4 steps to changing the story of your home

  1. Declutter and create a place for everything
  2. Take 5 minutes each night for the next 30 days to put things away
  3. Assess what is and isn’t working and make changes to suit your families lifestyle
  4. Decorate. Create a look you love in your home that tells yours and your families story, use colours you love, pieces that have personal meaning and craft that haven you desire to come home too.

Our homes are important, we spend a lot of time in them so it’s definitely worth investing in them so that they work for not against our lifestyles.

If you would like assistance creating or reinventing your homes interior so it works for you and your loved ones, we’d love to help. Call or email us for a chat.

Happy Decorating,


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