How to decorate a Living Room with Hygge

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I wanted to cover the topic of Hygge this month so invited Hygge expert and Interior Designer Sherri Smith from Sherri Smith Interiors who lives on the sunny, Sunshine Coast in Queensland to cover this beautiful topic for us.  So go grab yourself a warm drink and a comfy spot on your lounge and let’s launch into what fabulous tips Sherri’s going to impart with us.


Hi There Everyone,

Have you heard of the new decorating style Hygge? It has hit the headlines in recent times for good reason, and today we are going to explore what it means to bring in some Hygge to your abode.

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What is Hygge?

Hygge is a Danish word loosely translated as a feeling or atmosphere of cosiness and joy. Pronounced “Hue-gah” I like to think of it as “Huggie” as it wraps up the sentiment of the word for which we have no English equivalent.

Hygge is all about being with your closest family and friends while enjoying life’s simple pleasures. Of course, you can enjoy Hygge on your own with a good book, cocoa and snuggling into soft natural textures with your cushions, throws and woolly socks. That’s why Winter is the perfect time to get your Hygge on!

How to Decorate with Hygge

Now that we have a rough translation of what Hygge means we can explore how we can translate Hygge into decorating your Living Room.

Decorating your living space is the perfect place to bring some Hygge to your home, where you entertain with family and friends, enjoying each other’s company. Good simple food, being present and thankful. It sounds like the perfect recipe for a heartwarming experience.

Where to start with your Living Space

The Danish like to maintain a sense of order, believing to much clutter is disruptive to the mind. So do a little de-cluttering of your living space to open the mind to a fresh organised room. The Hygge decorating style is akin to the Scandi minimalist look, just a bit more cozy.

Storage solutions for your day to day items keep the clutter away, if everything has its own place, then it’s a lot easier to maintain order. Beautiful wicker and straw baskets can provide a great place to store items that are used daily, but can be out of sight when not in use.

Favourite books and magazines can be displayed on coffee tables along with fresh flowers, and candles.

Natural light is important, as is a light neutral palette incorporating living plants and natural materials like timber. Everything in the decor choices should contribute to an atmosphere of harmony and peace.


What is a Hygge Colour Palette?

No bright languish colours here. Think of the beautiful serene colours of the Scandi look.

Pastel colours in whites, soft greys, browns, creams, and lots of timber!

To add a little colour you can pair these pastels with soft muted tones of blues and blush pinks.

If you prefer a little more warmth you might like to try muted mustard, olive green or navy blue, but only in small amounts – a feature cushion or some greenery in a vase, subtle key pieces only.

Image courtesy of Lit Up Candle Co

Creating Atmosphere

Start by creating an atmosphere of warmth with heating, if you have a wood fire even better! It’s very important to have a comfortable temperature in your home.

Candles add a lovely ambience as do fairy lights with a  warm yellow glow (not white light – it’s too harsh) set in key spots to evoke feelings of nurturing and relaxation. Use table and floor lamps to create mood lighting with low wattage warm light bulbs.

Texture and Natural Materials

A key component in the Hygge style is texture. Natural fibres in chunky knits, furs, cottons and velvet make for a great assortment of cushions and throws. Snuggling up and being comfortable is paramount to setting the ambience for your Hygge experience.

Layer cushions and throws in your chosen pastel shades, trying not to repeat the exact same shade twice. We want to see the layered effect with subtle contrast in colours and textures.

If the budget allows invest in a soft textured floor rug in neutral colours and pattern. It will be lovely underfoot as well as unifying the design. Make sure the rug sits under the sofa and extends out from the sofa to sit comfortably under the coffee table and beyond. A slightly larger floor rug is always more desirable than an under-sized rug that offers little coverage or comfort.

Image curtesy of S.U.S.A.P (Instagram)

Decorating your living space with coffee tables and side tables will add to the convenience for entertaining and give ample space for your candles and places to display books and your mug of cocoa! Adding pot plants, flowers and timber accents will finish the look.

One of the ultimate Hygge experiences is to snuggle up with a great book, your favourite hot beverage in hand with cushions and throws in a spot by the window to observe nature in between reading and sipping on the warm nurturing drink…Heaven!


Hygge for your Winter Living Room

Decorating with Hygge is a lovely and simple choice that is all about bringing that heartwarming feeling into the living space by creating an atmosphere of comfort and joy through a neutral palette, mood lighting and soft comforts as you share life’s simple pleasures with those you love.

If you would like any further assistance with creating Hygge in your home or have any comments please get in touch with us, we would be happy to help.

About the author:  Sherri is a wife to a fitness fanatic hubby and mother to 3 amazing children, 23, 21 & 15 – where does the time go??
Sherri has had a life long interest and involvement with houses, starting from childhood when she wanted to be an architect after living through several home renovations and new builds.
Interior design became her chosen career and she studied and applied her extensive knowledge to her own homes before launching her own business almost 3 years ago.
Creating sustainable, healthy and beautiful interiors is Sherri’s passion and purpose in life.

You can connect with her on, or follow on Instagram @sherrismith.interiors, or for more decor inspiration and tips.