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Have you ever been at a friends house, had the most delicious tasting cake, dessert, or meal and asked for the recipe so you could go home and cook the same?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could do that with our interior design for our homes? What if you could follow a recipe to create your own visually tasty and soul comforting room?

I’ve been mulling over this ‘Room Recipe’ idea for some time now and would like to share a room recipe with you today. Now it’s by no means a paint by numbers scenario as every result will be unique and taste different but at least you will be able to create the base for a well functioning room and season the taste to your unique liking.  Check out my recipe below.


Seats 1-3 people

1 2.5 Seater Lounge

1 Armchair

1 Coffee Table

1 Side Table

1 Large Rectangular Rug

1 Large Artwork

1 Floor Lamp

1 Low Line TV Unit

1 Indoor Plant

3 Decorator Accessories

2 Coffee Table Books

2 Textured Cushion (1 for the Armchair, 1 for the Lounge)

1 Plain Cushion for the 2.5 Seater Lounge

1 Print Cushion for the 2.5 Seater Lounge


Position the TV unit near the powerpoint or in its ideal viewing position.  Lay the underlay and rug on the floor, in front of the TV unit.  Place the front legs of the 2.5 Seater Lounge along the longest length section of the rug.  Sit the armchair adjacent to the lounge. Sit the side table next to the armchair and the coffee table in the middle of the rug.  Sit the floor lamp so that it’s next to the TV unit, to the right.  Style the decorator items and coffee table books on the coffee table, place the cushions on the lounge and armchair. Hang the art, at eye level when sitting and standing behind your armchair.  Place the indoor plant over near your armchair (refer to the Furniture Layout Floor Plan below).

Serve with friends and family whilst enjoying some good conversation, having a laugh and eating good food so that this room becomes a much loved and well-used space in your home!

PRIOR PREPARATION: Determine your style (see style guide here ) this will help you know what furniture types, shapes and styles to buy, then formulate a plan by working out your shopping list from the ingredients above, double checking that everything will fit in the space required allowing for ample walking space between the pieces.

Note:  For even better results hire an Interior Designer and access their years of experience and they will help you save time and money using their know how to get the actual look and outcome you desire.

Casual Family Room Recipe

Floor Plan – Furniture Layout for Casual Family Room Recipe

Casual Family Room

Example of Casual Family Room Styling