Sculptures by the Sea

MD Meanderings
Last weekend we went to Sculptures by the Sea held in Sydney. All the sculptures were found along the walk from Tamarama beach to Bondi beach.  It was a warm day but nice to be out and about.
There were 109 sculptures featured. My favourite sculptures were the red paint tube, grass and sand dining setting and the yellow man with the fan on his back. There were some amazing sculptures made from wood, stone, metal, fibre glass, plastic and other natural and man made materials.

NSW artists Suzie Bleach and Andy Townsend were awarded the Allens Arthur Robinson People’s Choice Prize of $5,000 for their sculpture, The Adaptable Migrant.  See the Camel illustrated below.

If you have never been to Sculptures by the Sea I highly recommend you go.  This years Sculpture by the Sea is finished but there is always 2011. Check out the link for details.
The Adaptable Migrant