Inspirations from the South Island of New Zealand

MD Meanderings

Milford Sound

I’d like to share about our recent trip to New Zealand, South Island. We hired a campervan and spent 14 days exploring some of this very beautiful picturesque country.

My favourite things were the green rolling hills, snow capped southern alps, the cute lambs that played carelessly in the spring NZ countryside, the friendly locals, lush rainforests, and spectacular lakes in all their varied shades and tints of blue along with the very tasty fresh produce that NZ South Island boasts.

What I didn’t like was the two out of twelve sunny days that it rained. I was rightfully reminded by my Kiwi husband that this was why everything in the South Island is so green. Good point!

As a Decorator I often find myself looking at my surroundings for inspiration for colour schemes, creativity with my designing and this trip definitely gave me a lot of inspiration.

Red sheds and green countryside, vast shades of blue toning perfectly together, contrast of textures from lush green fields to dry dessert. Even the cloudy gray skies tied in well with this beautiful country that I was exploring.

I’ve included some pics of our trip, take a look at them and see what decorating schemes you could be inspired to create from them. Have fun!

South Island does have a lot of Sheep

Mirror Lake

Church of the Good Shepherd, Lake Tekepo