Drapes with a medieval twist!

MD Meanderings
The other day some friends and I watched the movie ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ (with Orlando Bloom) on DVD.  I was inspired by the set design of this movie.

The movie was set in the middle ages, in medieval Jerusalem.  A lot of the architecture then was of stone, the decor was of beautiful silks and woven fabrics, big brass urns, large scale furniture of stone and wood – very different to our modern day furnishings.  I particularly liked the blend of heavy or sheer drapes in door ways and large scale fire burners close to them (I’m sure they would have had probs on set if a gust of wind came along).
I’m so inspired I’m going to pop up some drapes in our living room (it will also be a great insulator during these winter months) they may even give an ancient twist to our modern living space.  I’ll keep you posted.