Coming up roses

MD Meanderings

Roses in cylinder vase - works well when buds haven't fully opened.

Individual roses in bottles, uneven number groupings work best.

When it comes to flowers I do like the classic rose. The timeless elegance and the scent always attract me and I love using them in my decorating.

On the weekend my husband gave me a bunch and I decided to showcase them in a cylinder vase for something different. The buds aren’t fully open yet so I thought they compliment this vase nicely.

I had 3 left so just popped them in some old bottles and on my book case.

I had a squiz online to see what other people do with their roses, see below for my findings.

If you have any outstanding rose arrangements I’d love to see them, maybe post pictures of them on My Decorator facebook page here.

Tinned roses, beautiful vintage styling.

Nice idea for modern arrangement

This arrangement as seen on ruffledblog. Who remembers their mums brass-ware?