Tween Bedroom

We always love it when we are called back to work on another room for a client, and this occasion was no exception.  Our client’s daughter was wanting an update to her bedroom so that it had a more grown-up feel to it.  We had completed her bedroom back in 2015, but now that she’d grown more she was ready for an update.  Our brief was to work with her existing tallboy, bed, bedside table and bring in some new art, bedding, decor and whatever item’s we felt would add to the look to create a more grown up feel.

We decided to create a feature wall of gold decal dots, to bring in some wow to the room. Our client had already been falling in love with some bedding but just needed confirmation that it would suit the intended look, of which it did.  We brought in a plush, buttoned upholstered ottoman to act as an extra side table where books and other pieces could be placed and we styled the ottoman with a rose gold tray, flower arrangement and photo frame.

Abstract art was chosen that picked up all the existing colouring in the room and also referenced the grey carpet.  We previously discussed artwork with our clients daughter to determine her taste.  We had the art framed in a gorgeous white floating frame that tied in with the furniture and then had it hung by our Art Installer above the ottoman to create a lovely story in that corner.

We recommended a geometric glass pendant light to hang down above the existing side table to free up some space on the side table and to also bring in some extra interest and height to that particular corner of the room.  We then styled the bedside table with a few of her existing meaningful decorator pieces.

The soft pink bedding was styled with coordinating textured and round cushions in teal and gold and the golds picked up the gold dots of the feature wall.  A matching throw was added to the end of the bed that had the same pom pom trim as the cushion, bringing through some lovely continuity.

We recommended a white framed mirror for above the tallboy and then styled the tallboy with a few select items that complemented the room and added another picture frame so my client’s daughter could add in photos of her friends to personalise the space.

An indoor plant in a washed white wicker plant pot was added over to the corner to bring in some extra height and life to the room.

Our client’s daughter arrived home (her Mum hadn’t told her I would be doing the styling that day) and was happily surprised with her new look bedroom!

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