Casual Family Room

Our lovely client had moved into their brand new home and was wanting to ensure that the interior design was as beautiful as the home design so decided to call on the expertise of our Interior Design Services.

We loved transforming this beautiful light-filled, spacious family room.  We began the design process by meeting our client in their home and took the time gleaning an understanding of what their hopes and dreams were for the space.  We asked a huge plethora of questions to gain as much understanding of our client’s tastes, likes and dislikes, what was currently working in the space and what wasn’t, what was the family’s functional needs and so much more.  We then spent time determining what our clients unique interior style was and ideal colour scheme.  We then went away and put together a Digital Moodboard (see images below, taken from our clients Digital Moodboard) that is a visual example of our recommendations based on her brief and how they could look when implemented.  Our client loved our design, and agreed for us to begin the implementation phase of the job.

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We recommended not only some new custom furniture but also making some small changes such as lowering pendants for both the dining and kitchen areas of the family room.  These small changes made a big difference to the overall design.

Using the Digital Moodboard as our road map, we took our client on a Shopping Trip where orders were placed for the items on the Moodboard.

Our clients dining room was lovely and generous in its size with fabulous high ceilings so we wanted to ensure that we worked with the scale and recommended a large custom made dining table with grey upholstered dining chairs, large statement art (of which the design and colouring was echoed in the rug in the lounge area and the grey lounges echoed the grey of the dining chairs helping to keep the space feeling open).

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In keeping with the generously sized dining area, we recommended a stunning white large display hutch that tied in with the transitional style we were doing for the home.  The unit had 12 separate shelves, allowing plenty of opportunity for safely styling and displaying my client’s treasured items.

The rug in the lounge area is soft underfoot, easy care and geometric in design picking up the colouring from the art in the dining area.  A round custom made coffee table keeps the area fluid and soft.  Plain soft velvet cushions on the lounge keep the upkeep styling easy and the eye is drawn to the beautiful artwork of that tranquil nature landscape, echoing the native flora that my client has in their backyard. An accent chair over by the fire allows for extra seating and encourages conversation, styled with it’s own side table for users to pop their drinks etc…  A gallery of family photos on the shelving that is either side of the TV/Fireplace in simple casual white and light wood frames allows my client to easily update these photos as her family changes.

All in all we think this space is a lovely relaxing haven where my clients can come home after a busy day and relax in.


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