Eames chairs & where to buy quality replicas

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Eames Collection, via J. Johnson Appraisals

DKR 2 Eames Chairs

DKW White Eames Chairs

Eames La Chaise

Eames chairs in cognac leather

The Eames Lounge Chair

Hermen Miller – Replica Eames RAR Rocker

Black replica DKW Eames Chairs

DSR Multi coloured Eames Chairs

Old wood table with modern classic DKW Eames chairs

Red Orange Eames Herman chairs

Eames DKR (eiffel base) White Chairs

DCW Red Eames Chairs

DCW Eames Chairs

Wooden dining table with White DKR Eames Chairs

Today I wanted to explore the Eames chair.  As pictured above these chairs are an old favourite that are becoming increasingly popular again in today’s interiors.

Ray and Charles Eames were known as the most famous design partners of the 20th Century.  Take a look of this You Tube clip to find out more about Ray and Charles Eames.

I by no means am an expert on Eames Chairs or Ray and Charles Eames vast design portfolio but I do have a high appreciation and respect for their talented eye for design and manufacture or quality furniture.  If you would like to read more about the Eames’ design accomplishments see Eames Designs – a virtual encyclopedia of all things Eames.

I love the clean lines and simple modern stylistic design of their chairs.  As illustrated above these chairs translate well into modern interior spaces but can also work in traditional classic eclectic interior spaces.   

Buy Eames Replica’s:

From my online browsing it appears that the best places to purchase quality Eames Chair replicas are from Living Edge in Richmond, Melbourne (Living Edge Richmond Showroom hosted the Eames family collection “gifted eye of Charles Eames of design” as part of the Melbourne International Design Festival in 2005).  These Eames chair replica’s are from the Herman Millar brand and comes with a GECA certificate.http://www.livingedge.com.au/catalog/view.phpitemid=121&return=productCatalogProductCategory%253D79&productCatalogProductCategory=79


Other options for purchasing Eames chairs are Matt Blatt and Sokol.



I’m seriously considering buying some Eames chairs for my dining table.

What are your thoughts on Eames chairs?  Do you like them?  Are they comfortable?

I’d love to read your comments below!