Form v’s Function

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Beautiful form is an aesthetic that we all strive for right?  We all love looking at a minimalist room, the simplicity, the clean lines, the natural lighting, high ceilings but the next thing I hear you asking is well, where does all the stuff go?  This is where function comes in, excellent storage solutions, being able to see what we are working on due to good lighting, easy navigation around furniture, these are all important considerations that we need to include in our home interiors design.

Let’s discuss form first.  Form is the way something looks, it’s shape, the way it’s designed.  To some form isn’t seen as a necessity, but to others, it is and sometimes at the cost of function.  Have you ever purchased a watch that looked good, but never kept the time?  This is a perfect example.  Or a chair that looked amazing, had a stunning line to it, but was just so-so uncomfortable?  Another great example of form overriding function.

How about function then?  Function is very practical, we want our home to function well.  We need essentials like good lighting, comfortable beds and lounges, large enough baths and showers, plenty of storage for our things, a fridge that keeps our food cold, cooking appliances so that we can eat, heating and cooling to keep us at optimal comfort these are all necessary daily functions that we carry out in our homes.

“Recognizing the need is the primary condition for design.”  – Charles Eames

Should we have to choose between form and function?  I don’t think we have to choose, we can have both.  Form and function can live together harmoniously.  Apple is the perfect example, they took the ugliness of computer hardware and designed it to be streamlined, stylish and desirable.  Who said you can’t have a simply stunning yet highly functional kitchen?  If you team up with an Interior Designer who can work with you and glean out what your functional needs are, they can then design a kitchen that well and truly meets all your functional requirements along with it looking incredibly stylish, so that it becomes a true value-add to your home. Lacking storage? Let’s get stylish with it, there are amazing storage solutions available that can not only meet your lifestyle, your needs and wants but also look amazing.

As an Interior Designer, I love the challenge that marrying form to function brings.  There have been many a time that I’ve worked with a client to come up with a design solution that ticked both boxes, sure it took a little longer but it’s always worth it.

Are there any areas where you are compromising form for function?  Maybe you don’t need too.  Maybe there is a solution out there, that you just don’t know about yet.

Happy Decorating!


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