Greenery – Pantone Colour of 2017 – How to use this colour in your interior space

Interior Design and Decorator Tips

Each year Pantone puts out what they believe will be the colour snapshot of what we will see take place in global culture over the coming year.  The colour serves as an expression of a mood and an attitude.

I always look forward to seeing what Pantone come up with for their colour of the year and then watching to see how much of it is rolled out in the fashion we wear, the cars we drive and our home interiors.

The Pantone colour of 2017 is called Greenery 15-0343.  Greenery is a fresh, natural, first day of spring colour that brings with it vitality, new life and just says to us, take a breath and be reinvigorated.

Watch the video clip below to see inspirational clips of exactly how Greenery has been captured.



How does this new colour from Pantone translate for our Interiors? We collated some images (see below) that showcase Greenery and how it can be used throughout your interior spaces.

We love the wallpapers, accent upholstery and painted feature walls that have been greenified in this image.

This is an easy colour to decorate with, have fun with it but don’t just be a trend follower.  If you find yourself attracted to this palette go for it, but if it’s not for you then find an alternative palette.  One option is to still use the Greenery base and soften it to a pastel, or make it more muted so that it becomes more versatile (click here for some palette ideas).

Just remember a good interior space is one that makes you smile when you walk into the room and one that reflects your personality and meets your lifestyle needs.



If you are wanting to use some Greenery in your interior, but don’t know where to start we have that covered too. Have a read of these 3 easy updates below.

  1.  Leafy indoor plants, cut some fresh branches from a tree or favourite plant in your garden, pop them in a vase on your dining table and you are immediately on trend. Don’t be afraid to make a statement by cutting branches that are .5m or more for added impact.
  2.  Accent pieces like scatter cushions and decorator accessories.  I think Greenery is fairly vibrant so you do need to use some caution when decorating with it otherwise the space may start looking too bright and saturated. A subtle way of introducing some Greenery into your interior is by the way of a select few scatter cushions and decorator accessories. Be sure that these items relate well to everything else in your room, you don’t want them standing out like a sore thumb.
  3. If you’re feeling brave and you know that you really love the colour you could paint a feature wall in your home Greenery.  Sometimes we can quickly tire of bolder colours or wallpapers, one way around this is to use them in smaller areas of your home that you don’t spend big amounts of time in, like entry’s, bathrooms etc….

What do you think of Greenery?  Do you think you will be introducing it to your home’s interior?  We’d love to read your comments below.