How to create a Luxe Interior

Interior Design and Decorator Tips

Who loves to walk into a room that oozes luxury, that is opulent, grand and has all the stunning but understated elements that says to you, “come in, pour yourself a champagne and lets enjoy some quality living”.  I know I do.

Whether you would like to achieve a Luxe style for the whole of your homes interior or maybe just in your formal area’s and your bedroom continue reading below for some tips on how this look can be achieved.

  1.  Discerning taste:  It’s all about carefully collating a collection of the finest quality pieces for the room.  All elements must be of a high standard from a quality perspective.  You wouldn’t want to put a scatter cushion from the Reject Shop on a designer Chaise Longue that has been imported from Italy.
  2.  Colour scheme:  Warm neutrals, muted, soft pastels nothing loud and vibrant. Staying within a monochrome colour palette is a classy elegant colour scheme for luxe living.
  3.  Precious Metals or Stones:  Golds, silvers, pewters, rose gold, crystal choose one and use it in a thought out planned manner, too much and you will end up with a gaudy mess, too little and the interior space won’t have that designer luxe feel.
  4.  Finishes:  Moulded cornices, mirrors, polished timbers, marble, glass, carved picture frames, embossed wallpaper, wall panelling and use quality tapware, drawer pulls, handles and door knobs.
  5.  Fabrics:  Formal fabrics like velvets, velour, cashmere, silks, satins, sateens, fur are worth investing in.  Always use feather filled inners for your scatter cushions and be sure the cushions are generous in size.
  6.  Layers:  Fresh flowers, rugs, decorator accessories, cushions, soft furnishings, varying heights of furniture in the room, these all create interest.  Again each item needs to be thought through, classic roses are a better selection of flower than say a bunch of gerbras.
  7.  Warm lighting:  Chandeliers/pendants, wall sconces, floor and table lamps, candlelight.  Ensure you have plenty of lighting, especially to create ambient mood and that the fixtures are superb quality, this is not the time for plastic clear faux hanging crystals on your pendant.

Curtains that are pooled on the floor, that have plenty of fullness, with bumph lining for added generosity hanging on appropriately scaled quality decorator rods will balance the room perfectly.

One of the key things I have found with the Luxe look is that sometimes it can be too opulent and create a barrier where people feel they can’t use the space. The key here is to not style it too immaculately and have plenty of life in the space like indoor plants, flowers, family photo’s, books as the space needs to feel lived in.

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Remember there is a fine line between tacky and opulent. A common mistake people make when decorating a luxe interior is to cover their room with bling, gold, shiny and sparkling items with a mix of colours but this makes for a gaudy look that is sensory overload for the eyes.  The key to overcoming this is that you carefully select tasteful items that are going to bring an elegant result to the space.

Scale also needs to be considered.  A room that is large with high ceilings is going to be able to handle a lot more opulence then a smaller room with low ceilings.  You just need to look at homes of the rich and famous, or the rooms of a Buckingham Palace to see that the grand scale of these rooms call for ornate furniture and furnishings, the architectural elements in the room are generally busier as in the flooring and wall finishes, the curtains are trimmed with fringing, yet all of this doesn’t come across overdone because the rooms are of a larger scale and you will also notice the colour palette is subtle too.  In our normal average sized rooms we just need to pair everything back to get the right balance.

Luxury also doesn’t mean expensive, but it does take having a good eye to be able to discern which pieces to splurge on to take that average looking room to pure luxe.