5 Easy Christmas Tree Decorating Tips!

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O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree!  Wow can you believe it’s that time of year again already?  I can’t……. however we did put our Christmas Tree up two weekends ago. Keen yes, but I just love getting in the festive spirit early.  Today I thought I’d share my 5 Easy Christmas Tree Decorating Tips with you. Here goes:

1. Make those branches decoration ready. If you are using a fresh tree this is easy but if you are using faux, be sure to spread out and style every branch so it looks as life like as possible.

2. Light it up. I always like to use warm globe lights as they give a lovely soft ambiance to my room at night. Put your christmas lights on first, make them even and vary the placement so some are back near the trunk some are mid and end branch to give your tree dimension.  We wrap our lights around the tree from bottom to top and we also switch the lights on while we are placing them so we can get the desired effect.

Gold and Silver theme

Gold and Silver theme

3. Beads. If you use beads or tinsel nows the time to drape your tree with them. I use a particular pattern for my bead hanging but just get creative with it. If you are going for a traditional look then pattern is the way to go if you are going casual, random placement works well.

4. Time now to place your beautiful baubles and decorations on your trees branches. I’ve heard it said that you need a certain number of decorations based on the height of your tree to achieve a sumptuously decorated tree. I have found this to be true. See below for guide. You definitely don’t want to skimp on the decorations.  You also want a good variety of size, textures and designs in your decorations. Buy multiples of 6 or more as repetition is important.  Place your decorations on the end of your branches, some near the trunk and others mid way along the branch.  Use your fairy lights to illuminate each decoration, this will drawer the viewers eye in and highlight all the gorgeous stories that your decorations are telling on your tree. Use a mix of string hung decorations, clips, or I even have little branches of holly and christmas styled mistletoe that I sit mid to back near the trunk of my tree as they add to the dimension beautifully and then I add some silver butterfly’s that I sit on the end branches so they look as though they’ve just landed on the tree.

Tree Height Number and Suggested Size of Ornaments
61cm 40 to 60 x 3cm ornaments
92cm 60 to 80 x 3cm – 5cm ornaments
137cm 120 x ornaments of different sizes from 3cm – 5cm
228cm & 260cm 300 x ornaments of different sizes from 5cm – 8cm
290cm to 365cm 450 x ornaments of different sizes from 7cm – 10cm
427cm 650 x ornaments of different sizes from 7cm – 10cm

Table converted from Christmas Lights Etc…

Lights purposefully illuminating decorations

Lights purposefully illuminating decorations

5. Tree topper. Find the BEST tree topper you can, be it a star or angel. This year we are using a star and we have it lit from underneath so it creates a fabulous finishing touch. Be sure to get the scale of your tree topper right too, if you are going for a fun theme you could go ultra big which will bring some quirky whimsy to the look, I find its better that your topper is on the large size than being too small.

Generally we follow a colour palette for our tree some people also use a particular theme too, this is a good way to go if you are wanting to create a cohesive look. I’ve found sticking to a one or two colour palette leads to a more stylised formal look where as multi colored is more casual and fun. For instance formal look tree colour palettes could be silver and gold; red and gold; silver and blue etc…. Casual themes could be hot pink, blue, yellow etc….

Either way it’s your tree, make it personal with meaningful decorations that bring back beautiful memories every year you put them on your tree, whether they be homemade decorations, family heirlooms, or carefully chosen ones by you and your loved ones it’s these memories that make this season so special.

I’d like to wish all my clients, blog readers, family and friends a very Merry Christmas.  Thank you for your custom and support this year. I pray your Christmas is a wonderful time spent with family and friends celebrating the birth of Jesus.

Merry Christmas,