5 easy ways to add warmth to an Industrial Interior

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I have had a few people ask me for tips on how you can bring warmth to the current Industrial style that is trending at the moment.  Industrial in it’s pure form is quite cold and uninviting due to it’s materials being old industrial factory pipes, concrete floors, exposed brick walls, high ceilings, large spaces etc… but this fascinating style can definitely be warmed up so to speak so that it is more user friendly and more suited to today’s lifestyles.  Today I thought I would give you 5 easy ways you can add warmth to your Industrial Interiors.

1.  Lights – use warm lighting not cold. Simple change your light globe!

2. Colours – again, use a few splashes of reds, oranges, warm pinks in your furniture, rug, art and furnishing selections.

3. Finishes – introduce some wood, rugs, red brick.

4. Personal effects – some family photos maybe?

5. Flowers and Plants – select flowers that are modern and arrange them to suite the large scale of your space i.e. bird of paradise.

Have fun with it and if you have any further tips please comment below.

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