Indoor Plants

MD Meanderings
Flowers in a striped vase, stunning

Simple elegance

Imagine taking a bath here – so relaxing

Striking vase of leaves work very well in this space


Bi-fold doors are so great!

Love this!

Isn’t this clever?

In my previous blog I referred to the beautiful avenue of trees at Kate and Will’s Wedding… and this led me to thinking about the aesthetic benefits of adding a touch of nature to our interiors.  

I remember when I was a child my mum had a lovely big palm in a pot sitting in the corner of our lounge-room. Looking back I can see that it worked so well in the room.  Currently in my home I have an arrangement of palms, branches and various elephant leaves in a large tall rectangular vase sitting in my bathroom.  I love walking in and seeing the mini rainforest I have created in this space.  So fresh against white tiles in bathrooms.

Why don’t you bring the outdoors in and add some indoor plants to your space? It doesn’t need to be limited to your home, you could pop a plant on your desk at work!