Venetian Valentine

St Marks Square, Venice
Venice!! It’s known by many as the city of love.  

In light of Valentines Day approaching, I thought I would share some happy snaps that I took of Venice when I visited, a few years ago.  Venice truly captured me.  I was fascinated by this floating city that had no cars, only boats and gondola’s, stunning architecture and loads of history – if it’s walls could talk there would be some beautiful stories and maybe some not so beautiful stories shared.  All in all, if you ever get the opportunity to visit this floating city – take it and be captured by it’s mystery, you may even fall in love!

Below is a little something I discovered from:

Molmenti – translated from Vie Privée à Venise 1882
If Venice was a city of lust it is also the city of sublime love, love that is nice, pure and romantic love. The famous love affairs of George Sand with Alfred de Musset, Lord Byron, Gabrielle d’ Annunzio and many others else, gave their loving letters of nobility to Venice.

Here is what she said of love, George Sand while staying in Venice, in one letter from June 25th, 1834 to her friend Émile Paultre:

“Life is the most beautiful thing of the world when one loves, and most hateful when one ceases loving. In my opinion, love is everything […] the true love, it is when the heart, the spirit and the body understand each others and embrace together.”

I hope you have a romantic, loved up, Valentines Day!!



Plenty of waterway mazes and little foot bridges

Gondola – so romantic


Rialto Bridge, Venice

Venetian Masks – -there is a historic story behind these for you to discover yourself

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