Merry Christmas!

Christmas, Interior Design and Decorator Tips
Christmas would have to be my favourite time of year!

I love celebrating with my friends and family, putting up the Christmas tree, feasting on yummy food, listening to and singing Christmas Carols (love watching the carols on TV with my family on Christmas Eve), everyone is in good spirits as it’s Christmas and we are about to end one year and begin a brand new one.

Christmas is a time where people come together in peace and with generous hearts to remember the birth of one very special baby.

I love that the world stops for one day to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, who had a very humble beginning in a manger but became our Saviour.  This Saviour King makes a way for all who receive Him into their hearts the opportunity of eternal life.  To live forever in heaven (word cannot explain how beautiful heaven will be).

I also love going to my church on Christmas Day or Christmas Eve… Why don’t you check out church this Christmas and get an understanding of the true meaning of Christmas?

Wishing you and your family a very blessed Christmas!