Art and Styling

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This client contacted us because they had a large home, with plenty of walls for art, plenty of artwork but were struggling to know which art to hang where, along with what height to hang it.  They were also wanting their home to look more put together and styled than it currently was but didn’t have the time to make the changes themselves.

Our client wasn’t wanting all new furniture, just a few additional pieces but was wanting some rugs to add some softness to certain rooms.

We put together a moodboard to help our client visualise the recommendations we were making and upon their agreement went ahead and ordered rugs, art and other furniture items for their home.

Once everything was delivered we booked our styling day and had our professional art installer come out and we began the process of re-hanging the art, positioning rugs and furniture in place and using carefully chosen decorator accessories, along with our clients own personal pieces to style their custom built bookcases, coffee tables, and other surfaces to add some individual personality to their home.

Our client had this to say after we completed their home:

Prue was such a delight to work with. She was creative and catered very well to our needs. We were thrilled to see the interiors of our house nicely decorated after all the hard work Prue had put into the Moodboard and also in sourcing materials from all over Sydney! Prue is a knowledgeable, experienced and enthusiastic designer who we highly recommend to anyone looking for creative, professional and personalised services.



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