what a KNIT interior

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Big cosy knit blanket

Knit Stools by Claire Anne O’Brien

Crochet stool

Just for grins – someone really loves to knit

Designer knit bean bags

Upholstered knit armchair

Nordic bliss scandinavian style country romantic white crochet sofa

Knit brit chair

Wouldn’t you just love to be relaxing in a crochet hammock right about now?

Crochet curtain screen

Crochet curtain

Cable knit floor rug

Cable knit bath mat

Knitted jars

Cable knit inspired dinnerware

cable knit bedspread – personal favourite

Big cable bedspread throw

Black crochet blanket on white bedspread

Contemporary knit bedspread – from design sponge

I’m starting to see a stronger reference to the art of knitted and crocheted homewares being used in domestic interior trends, are you?

I remember the days back in my childhood when my mum taught me to knit and my grandmother taught me to crochet.  My mother (now deceased) was never idle…. if she was watching TV (a rarity) she was knitting as well…. you get the picture.  Knitting….  5 years back I may have thought was a lost art, some may even think it today but no I think it’s back.  You only have to dig deep into that recycled, vintage, home made interior bent that I was talking about to see that knitwear woman’s fashion isn’t the only thing that is making a come back.  As pictured above our interiors now have the opportunity to be graced with yester years homely memories in the form of knitted cushions, lampshades, cable throw rugs, bedspreads, place mats, upholstery, floor rugs and more.

If you want to buy some knitted homewares go here OR here

All I know is sometimes its nice to look back and reclaim some of those beautiful memories surrounding the skills learnt and passed down through the generations and implement them in a new way to create a new look for our current generation of interiors.  I know I will be teaching my kids how to knit.

Have you implemented any knitted furnishings into your current home decor?  I’d love to see pictures or hear about it…..

Spring has sprung!


Today I went out into our very small garden and picked some flowers, berries and foliage in celebration of spring.  I was pleasantly surprised with my findings.  I used this huge white platter to host my little arrangements and have popped it on my lounge room coffee table for all to enjoy.  Why don’t you get out in your garden and have a creative explore too??
Have fun!!

Indoor Plants

Flowers in a striped vase, stunning

Simple elegance

Imagine taking a bath here – so relaxing

Striking vase of leaves work very well in this space


Bi-fold doors are so great!

Love this!

Isn’t this clever?

In my previous blog I referred to the beautiful avenue of trees at Kate and Will’s Wedding… and this led me to thinking about the aesthetic benefits of adding a touch of nature to our interiors.  

I remember when I was a child my mum had a lovely big palm in a pot sitting in the corner of our lounge-room. Looking back I can see that it worked so well in the room.  Currently in my home I have an arrangement of palms, branches and various elephant leaves in a large tall rectangular vase sitting in my bathroom.  I love walking in and seeing the mini rainforest I have created in this space.  So fresh against white tiles in bathrooms.

Why don’t you bring the outdoors in and add some indoor plants to your space? It doesn’t need to be limited to your home, you could pop a plant on your desk at work!

The Royal Wedding


Okay so I know that Kate and Will’s Wedding is old news but I saw a picture today of the interior of Westminster Abbey on their day and still loved the beautiful avenue of trees. Talk about bringing nature in. And of course Kate looked gorgeous.  I think we are going to see lace coming back…. maybe even in interiors. What do you think?? Would really love to read your comments.