Thoughts on Trends

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Last week I had a lovely lady ask me if I followed trends. I answered no, not usually in full because trends come and go.  I explained that when clients work with me they are wanting their interior designed spaces to last longer than a trend. If a client is wanting a current trend applied in their home this is

How to create a Luxe Interior

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Who loves to walk into a room that oozes luxury, that is opulent, grand and has all the stunning but understated elements that says to you, “come in, pour yourself a champagne and lets enjoy some quality living”.  I know I do.

Whether you would like to achieve a Luxe style for the whole of your homes interior or maybe just in your formal area’s and your bedroom continue reading below for some tips

How to choose the best art for your room

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The right piece of art can really increase the visual interest of any space.  Have you ever walked into a room and been captured by a unique piece of art that took your breath away?  I love rooms like that, people love rooms like that we all want to have rooms like that.  Let’s talk through how you, can get a room