5 Easy Ways to Style a Bookshelf or Display Unit

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We all have bookshelves and display units in our homes that no doubt function well, but do they look good? Is it possible for such a piece of furniture to look good and function well? I give a big resounding absolutely, yes! Shelving units can not only function well but can also look amazing when they are thoughtfully styled and curated to house your treasured items, book collection, art or family photos, decor items, nik naks collected during travels or passed down to you from loved ones. I’m not sure about you but I see bookshelves or any flat furniture surface as a perfect opportunity to create updates that then freshen up my home giving a whole new look.

3 Ways to Add Personality to a White Kitchen

Interior Design and Decorator Tips, Styling

When it comes to kitchens it’s understandable that a lot of people tend to go with white, this is because it’s timeless and won’t date. Kitchens are a big investment, we spend a lot of time in them and they need to be very functional but we think they should also look good. The argument for why people put in white kitchens is because it’s a neutral base, but sometimes with neutrals, they can look bland and lack personality. So how can you add some personality to your white kitchen (or any kitchen), we are going to chat through three ways below.

How to Choose and Style a Coffee Table

Interior Design and Decorator Tips, Styling

You’ve been decorating your lounge room and something just isn’t working, the space doesn’t feel right. You have your lounges, side tables, matching coffee table, lamps, rug, art, decorator accessories and even an indoor plant (that you’re managing to keep alive) but it all just looks bland the space lacks personality.

The matching coffee table could be something