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How to Decorate Your Home so it Feels Luxurious

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We all want to enjoy the luxury that comes with the finer things in life, correct? I know I do. What if it were possible to have some of these luxuries in our home? What if we could not only have these luxuries in our home but enjoy them every single day? Below I’m going to share some simple ways that we can achieve a higher quality more premium lifestyle in our homes by taking into consideration our 5 senses, and the role that they play in how we use our homes.

How To Choose The Best Art For Your Home

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The right piece of art can really increase the visual interest of any space.  Have you ever walked into a room and been captured by a unique piece of art that took your breath away?  I love rooms like that, people love rooms like that we all want to have rooms like that.  Let’s talk through how you, can get a room

Trade Show Report 2017 featuring upcoming trends and colour schemes for interiors

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On the weekend I attended the Iconic Trade Fair that was in Sydney, this trade show has a huge amount of Australia’s best suppliers that stock furniture, furnishings and decorator items for the home.

Today I thought I would reflect on what trends I noticed coming through as I scoured the stands and walked the many aisles of the Trade Fair.  This trade fair isn’t open to the general public