5 Easy Christmas Tree Decorating Tips!

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O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree!  Wow can you believe it’s that time of year again already?  I can’t……. however we did put our Christmas Tree up two weekends ago. Keen yes, but I just love getting in the festive spirit early.  Today I thought I’d share my 5 Easy Christmas Tree Decorating Tips with you. Here goes:

1. Make those branches decoration ready. If you are using a fresh tree this is easy but if you are using faux, be sure to spread out and style every branch so it looks as life like as possible.

2. Light it up. I always like to use warm globe lights as they give a lovely soft ambiance to my room at night. Put your christmas lights on first, make them even and vary the placement so some are back near the trunk some are mid and end branch to give your tree dimension.  We wrap our lights around the tree from bottom to top and we also switch the lights on while we are placing them so we can get the desired effect.

Gold and Silver theme

Gold and Silver theme

3. Beads. If you use beads or tinsel nows the time to drape your tree with them. I use a particular pattern for my bead hanging but just get creative with it. If you are going for a traditional look then pattern is the way to go if you are going casual, random placement works well.

4. Time now to place your beautiful baubles and decorations on your trees branches. I’ve heard it said that you need a certain number of decorations based on the height of your tree to achieve a sumptuously decorated tree. I have found this to be true. See below for guide. You definitely don’t want to skimp on the decorations.  You also want a good variety of size, textures and designs in your decorations. Buy multiples of 6 or more as repetition is important.  Place your decorations on the end of your branches, some near the trunk and others mid way along the branch.  Use your fairy lights to illuminate each decoration, this will drawer the viewers eye in and highlight all the gorgeous stories that your decorations are telling on your tree. Use a mix of string hung decorations, clips, or I even have little branches of holly and christmas styled mistletoe that I sit mid to back near the trunk of my tree as they add to the dimension beautifully and then I add some silver butterfly’s that I sit on the end branches so they look as though they’ve just landed on the tree.

Tree Height Number and Suggested Size of Ornaments
61cm 40 to 60 x 3cm ornaments
92cm 60 to 80 x 3cm – 5cm ornaments
137cm 120 x ornaments of different sizes from 3cm – 5cm
228cm & 260cm 300 x ornaments of different sizes from 5cm – 8cm
290cm to 365cm 450 x ornaments of different sizes from 7cm – 10cm
427cm 650 x ornaments of different sizes from 7cm – 10cm

Table converted from Christmas Lights Etc…

Lights purposefully illuminating decorations

Lights purposefully illuminating decorations

5. Tree topper. Find the BEST tree topper you can, be it a star or angel. This year we are using a star and we have it lit from underneath so it creates a fabulous finishing touch. Be sure to get the scale of your tree topper right too, if you are going for a fun theme you could go ultra big which will bring some quirky whimsy to the look, I find its better that your topper is on the large size than being too small.

Generally we follow a colour palette for our tree some people also use a particular theme too, this is a good way to go if you are wanting to create a cohesive look. I’ve found sticking to a one or two colour palette leads to a more stylised formal look where as multi colored is more casual and fun. For instance formal look tree colour palettes could be silver and gold; red and gold; silver and blue etc…. Casual themes could be hot pink, blue, yellow etc….

Either way it’s your tree, make it personal with meaningful decorations that bring back beautiful memories every year you put them on your tree, whether they be homemade decorations, family heirlooms, or carefully chosen ones by you and your loved ones it’s these memories that make this season so special.

I’d like to wish all my clients, blog readers, family and friends a very Merry Christmas.  Thank you for your custom and support this year. I pray your Christmas is a wonderful time spent with family and friends celebrating the birth of Jesus.

Merry Christmas,


Tis the season to decorate – 10 ways to bring Christmas to your home!

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image from decoradviser.

I love this time of year as it’s Christmas which brings with it warm sunny weather and parties where we meet up with friends and family, eat yummy food and celebrate the birth of Jesus. I also enjoy christmasifying (I know I just made up a new word!) our home. The tree and all it’s decorations get pulled out of storage, our singing Santa gets hung at the door in our entry for lil and big visitors alike to get a laugh from.

We actually put our tree up super early this year. We enjoyed a wine, some Christmas carols played in the background while we decorated the tree. I’m still adding finishing touches to the rest of the house.

I thought I would share a few christmasifying tips I’ve gathered along the way.

1. Think outside of the box. This year I have put our 6″ high tree on a low table in the corner of our lounge room between both of our lounges. It makes a huge commanding impact on the room with it’s added height and also frees up some floor space. Not to mention it’s the first thing you notice when you walk through out front door. What a welcome.

2. Consider nature.  How about a fresh tree this year?  Enjoy the forrest fresh aroma a pine tree will bring to your home.  You could get some pine cones and display them in a nice big basket or bowl.  Take your party outside, set up your dining table in your backyard and enjoy the great aussie outdoors.

3. Choose a colour scheme and theme. Change it every year to keep things fresh. Our colour scheme this year is silver and gold. So all our Christmas decorations are silver and gold, we have left the tinsel of this year as we were wanting a more classic look so have used gold pearls instead. You could also have a fun colourful colour scheme and use pinks, yellows, greens, blues etc… Get the kids to make colourful paper chains and their own fun colourful baubles for a more casual bright fun look.

4.  Add meaning.  I always love to have a Nativity Scene as this reminds me of the meaning of Christmas.  I also like our Christmas snow globe that we chose to remind us of family members that aren’t with us.  You may have special handmade decorations that you hang on your tree every year that remind you of someone special or a special memory.  You can add meaning to Christmas by creating new memories.  Christmas is a special time, sentiment and continuing family traditions really do add meaning to this beautiful season.

5. Style a Christmas table that everyone will love to sit at. It doesn’t have to have all matching chairs or even tables for that matter. Put on a table cloth and a lovely home made centrepiece pulling through your colour scheme, or use some fresh flowers, candles, bon bons and sit down together to enjoy the delicious feast of food and great conversation.

6. Create inviting seating nooks. If you are having a party look at your seating layout and put out some side tables near chair clusters for people to put their drinks on and for some nibbles to be sat on so you are creating a nice little spot for 2 or 3 people to sit and chat. You can do the same with bean bags and low coffee tables. Your guests will love this.

7. Don’t forget the rest of your house. Style the surfaces of your home with your Christmas theme, remove and store everyday decorator items and recreate each space with a new look.

8. Fairy lights. Don’t be afraid to use them and lots of them. They add fabulous atmosphere to your home and to party’s. I am using warm white lights this year to go with my classic theme.

9. Music. Make a playlist. Get some Christmas carols playing. Get your guests in a good party mood from the moment they arrive.

10. Food. Bake, create, get out the old favourite recipes and spoil your guests with some scrumptious delights.

I’d love to read your tips of how you Christmasify your home.  Feel free to comment below.

I’d also like to say thank you for reading our blog this year and wish you and your family a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy 2015!

Prue xo

Extra Resources:  Christmas Tree Decorating tips  http://www.interiordesigninfo.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=47:decoratechristmas-tree&catid=41&Itemid=70

How to style a bookshelf

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Now there are bookshelves and then there are bookshelves. As long as I can remember I have always loved a well styled bookshelf, one that tells me something about the owner, one that tells a story and captures the imagination…. over the top? Maybe but hey, I say it’s time to make our boring book filled bookshelves beautiful.

6 Easy steps on how to style your bookshelf

  1. Take everything out of the bookshelf and begin with a clean canvas.
  2. Start putting your books into your shelf – books can be placed on the shelf both vertically and horizontally.
  3. Next…. add family photos, framed small pieces of art to your shelves.
  4. Place other meaningful decorative objects such as an interesting sculpture, a trinket that you received as a gift from your children or mother… basically anything that adds texture and interest to the bookshelf.
  5. Don’t be afraid of empty spaces.  Let the shelf breath and don’t overcrowd it.
  6. Lastly don’t make your styling too showroom perfect, you want your guests to feel relaxed in your lounge room not uptight – have some fun with it!

This bookshelf isn’t too perfectly styled, its fun and quirky.

Why not add a pop of colour to your bookshelves interior.

Why not add a pop of colour to your bookshelves interior.

Add some interesting shaped vases, sepia photos, gigantic shell and textured basket.

Add some interesting shaped vases, sepia photos, gigantic shell and textured basket.

You can style your bookshelf in a soft colour palette as pictured here.

You can style your bookshelf in a soft colour palette as pictured here.

You can use books as book ends, add letters, fresh flowers, art, bowls, woodwork, trinkets and more.

You can use books as book ends, add letters, fresh flowers, art, bowls, woodwork, trinkets and more.

I hope you feel inspired to update the look of your bookshelf, I’d love to read your comments below about any tips and tricks that you use.

Happy reading/styling!


Living Room – Spring Makeover, 6 easy steps

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I love spring.  Over the weekend we went on a little road trip out west to see our family and it was so beautiful driving through the lush green country side seeing fields of canola, cute lambs and foals playing in paddocks, wild daisy’s growing by the side of the road, the sun was shining and there was such a breath of new life in the air.

I thought I would write todays post about a few simple changes you can make that will help bring that spring vibe that we all love into our homes.  You will see from the above moodboards the  difference a few changes can make.  Note the furniture remains the same, this is to illustrate how easy it is to tweak your living room to create a new look.

Here are my top 6 tips on how to style a new spring inspired living room.

1.  Flowers – go outside and pick some beautiful spring flowers and feature them in your living room, front and centre on the coffee table for all to see and enjoy.

2.  Scatter cushions – store away your winter wools, and warm toned cushions and hit the shops to buy some new cotton, light weight fabric and brightly coloured spring ones.  Let nature inspire your design and colour selections.

3.  Rugs – roll up and store that heavy wool brown toned rug and replace it with a nice blue/green cotton one, it will give your room an instant freshen up.

4.  Paint job – get your paint brush out and paint your walls (or even just 1) a nice fresh clear spring tone as pictured.

5.  Art – bring out your brighter art and feature it.

6.  Decorator pieces – store away any warm toned decorator pieces and use white, bright pastel toned artefacts that you love instead.  I have added a quirky Abigail Ahern rabbit lamp to my spring room, it’s good to be unpredictible and add some quirkiness to rooms.   I have also removed the old vintage box and added a rustic screen and ceramic stool instead.

I hope I have inspired you to bring some spring goodness to your living room.

Enjoy the sunshine and happy decorating!  Prue

How to hang art

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What size art for where and how should I hang it? How can I create a show-stopping gallery of art as a feature? What height should my art be placed at on a wall? These questions and more are often asked of me when I’m on a consult so today I thought I would write a blog post to help you all with your art displaying and hanging.  I got some help from the professionals along the way too.

As a guide always hang your art around eye level.  Meaning that the middle of the picture should be at 1450mm from the ground.  Check out the formula that Maxwell Ryan from Apartment Therapy uses to achieve this, he also says (or has heard on the grapevine) it is the formula that art galleries and museums use.

Watch this video (1st on page) for instructions:  https://www.apartmenttherapy.com/how-to-hang-artwork-apartment-therapy-video-roundup-193341

Step By Step Instructions to hanging your art:

A. Measure from the floor up your wall to 1450mm high and lightly mark

B. Measure artwork height and divide by 2 (this gives you the center)

C. Measure top of your picture to the tightened wire (a small amount)

D. Subtract (C) “tight wire” amount from (B) 1/2 height amount for the “to the hook” amount. This will tell you how far above 1450mm your hook should go

E. Lightly mark wall just above 1450mm with the “to the hook” amount


A. Picture is 508mm tall

B. Middle is at 254mm (this mid point should rest at 1450mm)

C. Wire comes to 50mm below the top

D. 254mm – 50mm = 203mm

E. Lightly mark 203mm above your first mark OR 1651mm on the wall


1450mm + 1/2 picture height minus pin to top of picture = where to place hook

Consider grouping your art together for more impact rather than scattering the pieces on various walls around the room.

When creating a gallery of art select art that is similar in colour scheme so that it looks harmonious to the eye when it is hanging on the wall.  Choose lots of different size pieces of art to make up your gallery and group the art so that they are evenly spaced but look visually appealing.  You can also add  three dimensional items to the mix to create more interest for the eye as well.

Be careful with the scale of your art.  If you have high ceilings and large rooms you can hang larger art in your space.  

Below are some tips that I have put together for clients in the past that you also may find helpful.  I find the below 3M picture hanger works well as the hook is at the top meaning no matter where your canvas string or D ring is you won’t see your 3M picture hanger sticking over the top of your art work.


Above is 3M Picture Hanging Strips, these are ideal for use when hanging a gallery wall see link below for how to apply.

Make sure you check out the links and videos below from other designers, they have some really helpful and invaluable tips as well.  And as Maxwell says, go hang some art today!!

Further reading and watching: