Feeling Overwhelmed? We Have 15 Reasons Why You Should Hire My Decorator

Interior Design and Decorator Tips

A common misnomer is that Interior Designers impose their views, tastes and opinions on you and you get no say. A misnomer is we enter your home in a flurry of colour, in our designer clothes and heels, and just take over. Leaving you with a stylish yet highly unpractical home that you feel no connection too.

I’m not sure where this portrayal has come from but I know that it drives so many designers completely mad as it’s simply not true.

I could go on about other misnomers about our industry and work from grossly exceeding the budget to unrealistic designs but instead, I’d like to share some of the things you’ll benefit from when you work with us here at My Decorator.

We are trained to come alongside our clients and support them using our design skills and experience to see their dreams realised.

Below are fifteen ways we like to help our clients:

1. We help you create a cohesive interior and exterior from the front door to the backdoor, inside and out by working very closely with you to determine what your home’s interior style is e.g. Hamptons, Retro, Traditional, Classic, Contemporary, Eclectic just to name a few.

2. We assist you with a colour scheme that can be used throughout the exterior and interior of your home so that it feels harmonious and suits your taste and lifestyle.

3. We design the interior of your home so that it meets your tastes, lifestyle needs, and vision ensuring it is unique and bespoke, yet practical.

4. If you are building or renovating we help with all the needed colour, finishes and fixtures selections from roof finish and colour, brick type, gutter colour, door handles, wall colour, window finish and colour, flooring, lighting, tapware, tiles, benchtops even the kitchen sink! and everything in between.

If you would like to see how we recently assisted a client with their build, please visit here for a little taste of what working with us is like.

5. We create moodboards, floorplans, elevations and other visuals and documents that help clearly communicate to you the design vision. These documents and visuals will help become the roadmap for successful implementation.

6. Floorplans show recommended furniture, rugs, lamps, art etc… and will help you see how these items fit in the space and how it will flow and function.

7. We take you to visit trusted suppliers so you can sit on lounges, see bathroom vanities or tiles, see the quality of the pieces we are recommending and confidently order the items that are going to help make your house feel like home.

8. We walk you through the design process. There can be a lot of decisions to make but you can be at ease as we will be there by your side. This can be especially helpful when custom kitchens, bathrooms or any building or renovation that includes tradespeople is part of your design.

9. We have a well-proven process that we follow for each client that sees the job big or small through to completion.

10. We want you to be happy. We want you to tell us if you don’t like the design that we have come up with for you. We won’t be offended. It’s your home. You will be living in it and we want you to love every day spent within its walls.

11. We want to future proof your home. A good interior design will last the test of time and be able to stand up to everyday wear and tear.

12. We would like to save you money. Plan, think and measure twice will mean that you only buy once. There is nothing worse than ordering a large piece of furniture and it not being able to fit through the door or in the chosen space you’d allocated for it. Or the colour, style or scale is wrong.

13. We save our client’s emotional heartache from making the wrong decisions. We help you navigate the design process well rather than feeling constantly overwhelmed. We give you your time (and sanity) back.

14. We style your home. We bring with us decorator items, that will add the finishing touches and complete the spaces so that you can just sit back and enjoy your new look home.

15. We are here for YOU. We want to bring your dream for your home to life and will walk by your side as much or as little as you desire. We love to serve our clients well and are driven by seeing them living their best lives supported by a home that functions well and looks beautiful.

And…… last but not least this is all wrapped up in over 10 years’ experience.

Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed or ready to design the interior of your home, discover more about how we can help create your dream home by visiting our website today. http://www.mydecorator.com.au

Happy Decorating,


P.S. Have you accessed our Style Guide yet? It’s free. It’s a PDF that will help you determine your unique Interior Style that you can then use as a guide when making all your decorator decisions be it buying furniture, choosing a paint colour, picking a rug this guide will help you save time and money by giving you the know-how to confidently create your dream space. You can access it here: http://eepurl.com/cEqrHL