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Last week I had a lovely lady ask me if I followed trends. I answered no, not usually in full because trends come and go.  I explained that when clients work with me they are wanting their interior designed spaces to last longer than a trend. If a client is wanting a current trend applied in their home this is

definitely something we can do. If I do have a client that is wanting their interior to be ‘on trend’ I’ll often delve a little deeper to determine is this because they want their interior to look this trend long, or short term as this will help me know which direction to design when it comes to selections for their home. Sometimes I have clients that would like their interiors to have a timeless base design, meaning key investment furniture items like lounge suites, dining, hall tables, bedroom suites, and classic flooring, window coverings etc… are chosen to last the test of time from a style point of view and then wall colour, scatter cushions, throw rugs, art, some rugs and decorator items can be changed seasonally and be more ‘on trend’ as an opportunity to freshen up a look. 

So what is trending at the moment and how can these trends be used to do a full decorating scheme or a part scheme. See the images below. 

Current Trend gallery

What we are seeing more of in 2021 from a trend point of view:

Organic natural finishes such as wicker, rattan, natural fibres like wool, silk, linen. Handmade earthenware and pottery – create a homey cocoon this 2021 with natural finishes, occasional furniture in ratan or wicker, use natural fibres for cushions and rugs and you’ll never want to leave the house again.

Less white, more neutrals and accents of colour – now is the time to bring in some mature, muted or soft dusty colour into your homes interior by way of wall colour, and decor just do it in a purposeful and restrained way for the best effect.

Separate rooms and zoning, moving away from open plan living so that spaces are more multi-purpose in function – are you finding you just need your own space to breath? A lot of homeowners feel the same. Opting to renovate and add in more seperate living spaces for their homes.

Conscious consumerism, investing in quality key pieces and sourcing from local suppliers – Granmillenial, nostalgic approach to traditional decor with a nod to vintage bespoke decor pieces, again don’t go overboard and do your whole home in this style or it will look like you’ve moved into your Grandmothers home but touches of vintage mixed in with contemporary pieces certainly go a long way in adding unique personality to a home.

I’ve popped together a little gallery below showing past trends in Kitchens, as it’s often Kitchens that date a house before any other room. It’s interesting to see by looking back how sometimes following a trend or part of a trend can work and other times it can be like creating a time capsule from that period.  Obviously over a period of ten years kitchen trends journey through a lot of different styles but hopefully you can see from the below just how trends do impact and mark our interior spaces. You’ll see with the 1970’s and 1980’s wallpaper (which is easy to change out) played a big part. The 2000’s kitchen could still be current today if the barstools, light fighting and wall colour were changed out. Hopefully, this gives you an understanding of exactly how you choose to use or not use trends in the interior of your home.

Gallery of Kitchens 1970 – 2010

Whichever way you like to follow or not follow trends at the end of the day if you take the time to carefully choose a trend that you love, apply sections of that trend with measure you will always love the outcome.

If you would like assistance in implementing a trend into your home be it in full or part, we’d love to assist you to create your dream home. 


P.S. A good starting place to understanding trends is knowing the various interior styles, if you haven’t accessed our free resource, ‘Style Guide’ you can get it here.