Why you should include the hire of an Interior Designer in your building budget


There is a lot of new development and expansion happening across Sydney, we’ve seen the plans advertised on television, through our local communities and you only need to take a drive around Sydney to see growth is happening under our very noses.

I know that my backyard in the Hills District of Sydney is definitely experiencing the growth pains. With new housing developments underway at The Ponds, The Gables, The Hills of Carmel and Halcyon Rise at Box Hill, along with continued development around Rouse Hill, even out toward Windsor at Vermont is experiencing growth. This is obviously great for the building industry.


Building a home can be an exciting and stressful experience all at the same time. There is so much to consider, many decisions to be made, negotiations, liaising with various stakeholders (especially if you’re an owner builder) that are involved with the whole build.

If I have any advice to offer anyone considering building or renovating who wants to see the finished result of their dream home match what they have in their mind or imagination it’s this, build in the hire of an Interior Designer into your building budget.

Why? You can’t afford not too. You may live in this home for 20+ years so you need to take this into consideration when making all your decisions for the build, we will help you make wise decisions that will not only look good but also stand the test of time. We can save you money, time and sanity. An interior designer will work with you and your builder to ensure that you get the look you want for your home meaning you have someone else that you can consult with when making your important selections.

We will begin with the end in mind by helping you determine what your interior style is, the feel you are wanting to achieve, colour schemes, furniture and their placement (this can help determine if that master bedroom that you are considering is going to be big enough for the 4 poster bed you have your eye on or will it be too big for the room) and a whole lot of other things that need to be considered and then we will use this information to create a big picture plan that we will work to and regularly consult when making selections for your home.

If you are an owner builder you will have a fair idea of all the decisions you will be making for your home, but if you aren’t you may not be aware of the very long list of decisions you will be required to make such as roof type and colour; guttering; exterior type and colour; window frame colour; door; garage door colour; door hardware; interior door type and hardware; paint colour; flooring type and location; wet area tiling; vanity; tapware; mirrors; kitchen benchtop type and profile; cabinetry type and profile; splashbacks; sinks and tapware; appliances and so much more. If this is the first build you will undertake your builder will at one point need you to make these decisions and will call them ‘your selections’, some builders have an onsite person to assist you with this, but wouldn’t it also be valuable to have your Interior Designer with you at this appointment to help ensure your big picture vision is achieved.

Lastly, another reason you should build in the services of an Interior Designer into the budget of your build is, when the builder leaves, we don’t. We will continue on with decorating and styling your home so that it isn’t an empty space but a home for when you move in.

When should an Interior Designer be brought in on the building or renovating process? I always say the sooner the better. I’ve had clients in the past hire me after they have realized they have selected the wrong bathroom tile, or chosen the wrong paint colour or flooring, by this stage (unless you have spare money to start again) there is nothing you can do, obviously I can use styling tricks to minimize the error, but had the client involved me earlier we could have avoided this.

Money doesn’t grow on trees! We know, which is why we don’t have a time limit on our service. We’ve worked with clients who have used us on an ongoing process with the designing and decorating of their home over two plus years.  This means that your house will evolve into a home over time and as your budget permits and we can be there every step of the way.

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