How to choose the best art for your room

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The right piece of art can really increase the visual interest of any space.  Have you ever walked into a room and been captured by a unique piece of art that took your breath away?  I love rooms like that, people love rooms like that we all want to have rooms like that.  Let’s talk through how you, can get a room with ‘that’ art that captures peoples attention.

Firstly, it’s about looking at your space, working out where you need your art to go and not being shy with the size you choose to hang – often a wall calls for a large piece of art, if this is the case step up and go big with the dimensions of your art.

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Image from blog “The High Boy”

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Next we want to talk subject.  The subject matter of the art really sets the scene for the feel that you are wanting to achieve in a space.  There are multiple trains of thought with the subject matter of your art.  One being buy what you love and it will work in your home, this gives a more relaxed eclectic feel in the space. The other method is buy art relevant to the decor of the room you are planning for it to go into, this method will result in a more cohesive, planned look but you still need to be careful that it isn’t too contrived otherwise your room will start looking like a showroom.  I have used both of these methods on different occasions with different clients, dependent on my client’s needs and room style.  One thing to note is this is an opportunity for you to express yourself through your arts subject matter, sometimes people struggle to choose a subject matter so go with abstract, this is fine but I would encourage you to look at the space and see if it is calling for some type of print, if it is then an actual subject matter such as an animal, portrait, landscape, may be what is needed to inject some extra personality into your room – ask, will an abstract add to the look of this room?

Scale of art in relation to a room.  Sometimes having an oversized piece of art in a smaller room is what takes that room to another level.

The next consideration is frame type, again this is dependent on two things the subject matter of the art and the room that the art is going into.  For instance, if you are putting a piece of classic subject art into a traditionally styled room you wouldn’t have the art as an un-framed canvas as this would look too casual for the traditional room.  The same applies if you are putting an abstract piece into a contemporary room you wouldn’t choose a print with matt board and traditional ornate gold leaf frame, the art needs to sit well in it’s surrounds.

I guess the key here is that you want to choose art for your rooms that you feel a connection too.  I know I have a fun piece in my lounge room that is quirky, it’s a print of a monkey sitting on a table eating bananas and fruit – I think it’s fun and out of the box, my husband and I both immediately loved it when we saw it and now it hangs proudly above our lounge.  Now not everyone would feel a connection to the piece, but we see it everyday and it just makes us smile.  That’s the kind of reaction you want to the art that is hanging in your home, a connection that you respond to whether it be with a smile, curiosity that you feel you can look deep into the piece for days and years and still find something new to see, sadness, longing, interest, the art you choose needs to evoke emotion in you and your household.

My Decorator has access to a lot of different art suppliers, if you are struggling to find just the right piece why don’t you contact us, we’d love to assist you.